True or False: (Married, Different, Similar, and Same) + with?

16 Oktober 2012 Tutorial Bahasa Inggris

This time we’re going to look at four words: married, different, similar, and same. Indonesian users of English often use these with the word "with", but it’s usually a mistake!

Look at the corrections that a teacher made to four example sentences:

Last year she got married with to her boyfriend.

The weather in Germany is almost the same with as in England.

Harry is tall and thin. He’s very different with from his brother.

Her taste in music is very similar with to mine.


some people also say "different than" (US English) or "different to" (UK English)

The word same usually follows the: "the same".

Practice adding the correct word in these examples:

1. We decided to fly because the price was the same ____ going by bus.

2. I don’t know what has happened to Susan. She’s completely different ____ the person she was when I first met her.

3. The Indonesian language is quite similar ____Malay.

4. It was embarrassing. He arrived at the party wearing the same shirt ____ me.

5. Her eldest son is married ____ a very wealthy businesswoman.

6. Watching a movie on TV just doesn’t feel the same ____ watching it at the cinema.


1. as
2. from
3. to
4. as
5. to
6. as