How to Talk About Music in English

21 Agustus 2013 Tutorial Bahasa Inggris

Music is a universal language. Everyone appreciates music. Everyone listens to music; on the radio, television, movies / DVD's, CD's and live performances.

Mary: "Do you like listening to music?"
Anna: "Yes, I do, especially when I’m feeling emotional."

Music is made up of one instrument playing a melody or many instruments called an orchestra.

Mary: "Can you play any musical instruments?"
Anna: "Yes, I can play the piano and the cello."

Every country has their own traditional or cultural music. You can buy a CD or DVD of the music. You can also watch a performance of the artist or music you like. When you travel you might want to go listen to that countries music.

Traditional or cultural music
Jane: "Where can I find the best traditional music of your country?"
Henry: "The national symphonic orchestra performs our traditional music in the state theatre on the weekends."

Jane: "Can I buy a CD and a DVD of this opera?"
Henry: "Yes, you can buy a CD and a DVD at any music shop or after the performance at the venue."