Pregnant and Feeling Sexy

22 Mei 2014 Konsultasi   |    dr. Ivander Utama, F.MAS, SpOG.

Dear doc,

I am 24 years old and currently 28 weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and i’m so excited. I have no problems through my first trimester, and i didn’t have morning sickness at all. I’ m also feel great about my body and feel proud about how my body curve change. But I’m to shame to ask this question to my private OBGYN. Sometimes i feel worry about my sexual drive. Is it OK to have a frequent intercourse throughout my pregnancy? And Is it safe if i do more than one sexual intercourse a day? I only have intercourse with my husband. Thank you.




Dear JJ,

I’m so glad that you can appreciate the way your body changes during your pregnancy. The increase in your sexual drive comes from the hormonal changes while you pregnant. Having sex while pregnant is safe and pretty adventurous and tricky too. Currently there were no scholarly articles about how many orgasms a day you could have while pregnant. In my personal point of view, having too many orgasms can be dangerous. Orgasm is related to uterus contraction, so its best for you to limit your sexual intercourse just once a day. If you have a term pregnancy, then you can have orgasm as many as you can because there will be no problem if the uterus contraction getting started.