Twisted Tales Series: The Kind Snow Queen

22 Mei 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

I am the Snow Queen from the story ‘The Snow Queen’ and I don’t believe that I’m evil. I was just doing my job which is creating the northern lights, crafting small and delicate snowflakes and freezing lakes and pond for ice skating areas during winter seasons. In fact, if it wasn’t because of me, people wouldn’t have enjoyed the beauty of winter. Unfortunately, to my regret, I met two wretched children, Gerda and Kay.

The original story says that two splinters from the evil mirror pierced Kay’s heart and eyes that made him evil, but that was completely untrue. From the start, I had nothing to do with the mirror. It was the demon’s fault. And Kay was a spoiled boy from the moment he was born. Gerda’s the one who told these ‘evil mirror’ lies.

It all started one winter day when I was doing my regular job, which is creating snowflakes in the village. People who don’t believe that I’m real can’t see me while people who do believe can see me perfectly. Unfortunately, Kay can see me.

While I was riding my carriage with my super-fast reindeers, Kay who was a spoiled brat at the moment tied his sleigh to my carriage and followed me until I arrived at my Ice Palace. Being the kind person that I am, I invited him inside when I saw him, hoping that I could send him back to his parents tomorrow since there was a fierce snow storm blowing up at the moment.

Back at the village, Gerda was having a tantrum and told everyone that it was the Snow Queen’s fault since she saw Kay tie his sleigh to my carriage. And yes, it means that as long as Gerda believes that I exist, she can always see me!

I found out that Gerda was searching for Kay when my sister that lives in the Spring Fields called me. My sister was not an evil sorcerer, she was just lonely so she casted a spell to make Gerda stay with her. I thought everything would be fine by the next day when I return Kay to Gerda but turns out, I was wrong. When I wanted to return Kay the very next day, Kay was feeling ill and I had to take care of him for a few days. Even if Kay might be a spoiled boy, I still took care of him.

Unfortunately, Gerda thought that I was torturing Kay because I didn’t return him. Gerda pretended to be good-hearted to make everyone listen to her. Everywhere Gerda went, like meeting the Princess who married a boy that Gerda thought was Kay or meeting the bandits in the forest, she always told everyone that I had kidnapped her best friend, Kay.

She was like a pinball rolling around a pinball machine, bringing bad rumors about me. With the support of everyone -who believed that I was evil-, Gerda made it to my palace. Kay, who was having a bad cold, messed up my security systems when he sneezed and accidentally activated my Ice army to stand guard outside my palace. Gerda saw the Ice army and thought that I activated it to avoid her from meeting Kay.

I realized what Kay had done and quickly deactivate my Ice army. And the truth is, Gerda didn’t defeat my army, I was the one who deactivated it.

When Gerda snooped into my ice palace, she saw Kay playing with a bunch of ice blocks while I was sitting down at my ice throne, too tired to move after what I had just done. And that was a big mistake because I wasn’t prepared to face the cruelness of Gerda.

Gerda must’ve thought that I was forcing Kay to stay here while I sat at my throne because she shouted, "Hey, you mean old Queen! Let Kay go!"

I was extremely shocked at what Gerda said because it was completely untrue and replied, "If you can be extremely quiet and say no words, I will let you go riding my sleigh!"

But the wind must have jumbled up my words and Gerda heard that I said, "If you can arrange those blocks and form a word, I will let you go! Ha-ha-ha!"

Gerda became mad and threw a snowball at me, I was livid. When I had wiped the entire snowball out of my face, I searched for the two children to give them a ride home, but they were gone. I forced myself to ride my carriage to go and look for them. Unfortunately, Gerda thought that I was chasing her and she ran back to her village using the reindeer that she was given by the Bandit’s daughter at the forest.

When Gerda reached the village, she wanted to be praised so she said that I was the one that was evil and that I imprisoned Kay. That was completely false but what could I do, if I go to the village, those villagers would burn me.

And even if I have the ability to freeze things, I will not use it against the villagers. Not that I would even have the slightest intention of freezing them. I knew that Kay wanted to tell the truth about me but he was just afraid that Gerda would go to prison because of her mean attitude so he kept quiet. I know this because the Northern winds told me. And I am not making this up!

Unless the people believe me, I will not come out of my ice palace, as I will not risk ruining my already fragile reputation. And when I do get out, I will make sure that I will sue Gerda and Kay as well as the Grimm brothers who wrote the story about me, the wicked Snow Queen!

(Penulis saat ini sekolah di SIS Kebun Jeruk, Grade 6)