Twisted Tales Series: Snow White and The Queen

8 Mei 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

I am recognized as the Evil Queen in the story of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. I am writing this to explain what really happened between Snow White, the dwarfs and I. These awful rumors about me have gone too far and I would like to set the record straight. After all, it’s time somebody told you the real, true story.

It all started on a spring day, I was picking dandelions in the King’s garden when the kind-hearted Queen died just as Snow White was born. The King was very upset and decided that he needed some fresh air. He went outside to the castle’s garden for a walk. And it was a coincidence that I bumped into the King.

The King, who was fascinated by my beauty, invited me to the castle. I still can’t believe that the original story didn’t mention this part. Don’t the Grimm brothers who claim themselves writers and storytellers know a great beginning when they see one?

The King and I spent a few hours together chatting away and we ate dinner that evening. It was great hanging out with a wealthy King. A few dates later, the King proposed a marriage to me. Who wouldn’t want to marry a wealthy King and live in a castle? So, I accepted his proposal of marriage. Isn’t it a real fairy tale? However, it was not yet my happily ever after.

After a week of preparing for the grand wedding, I finally became Queen. I was given a magic mirror that can answer any question as a wedding gift. I asked the mirror about my beauty every day because I was afraid that the King would throw me out of the castle if I was not beautiful enough but I was not vain, like in the original story. Since the King always go to places and fighting in a war, one after the other, I was mostly left alone in the castle with my stepdaughter, Snow White. Things got worse when we heard that the King died in a battle not so long ago. I decided to keep this news a secret from the town folks to avoid making them upset. Unfortunately, Snow White knew about this and spread rumors to one of the servants that I was the one who hired an assassin to kill the King. The servant, who thought that Snow White was telling the truth, spread the news to the town folks. Soon, the town folks began hating me. Even if Snow White was the cause of that problem, I still forgave her. A few days later, I learned that Snow White was very beautiful but she was struggling to get her homework done from school. I tried to teach her to be able to solve her problems by saying: "Snow White, why didn’t you ask one of the scholars at the castle’s library for answers to your problem?"

But instead of thanking me, all she said was: "You’re not a real royal person! Why are you teaching me this? This isn’t right."

I was tremendously shocked at her words. How could she deny a quality education from me? But this didn’t make me angry and dedicated to kill Snow White, like in the original story. Still I tried to improve the mother-daughter relationship between Snow White and I, I planned to go for a picnic with her. You know, just to break the ice. I plan to have the picnic in the forest because the scenery there is absolutely recommendable.

But when I heard that the forest was dangerous and people can get easily lost, I called the huntsman since he knows the forest like the back of his hands to protect Snow White and me during the picnic at the forest. But since I had to do some royal paperwork, I told them that I would be late at joining the picnic. Believe me; I would’ve gone picnicking with Snow White without thinking twice if I hadn’t had to do that mountain of paperwork.

Unfortunately, due to Snow White’s playful behavior, she played hide and seek and ran away to the deepest part of the forest, hiding. And as for the huntsman, he ran away because of fear that I would’ve summoned the palace guards to arrest him for his irresponsibility. I was beginning to feel hopeless and worry sick. A few days later, I received a complaint from a group of dwarfs in the forest. The letter read:

Dear Queen,

We, the seven dwarfs, are here to complain about the MCP (Magical Creature Protection). We have paid the price for our protection but you have not protected us from a weird and rude girl at our house. She has bad cooking abilities, she cleans our house like a total neat freak, she snooped and touched our things and the worst thing of all, her singing voice attracted a lot of frogs to our house. We need your serious help quickly.

Dwarfully yours,
The Seven Dwarfs

I realized that Snow White was terrorizing a citizen’s house and decided to pay them a visit myself because I thought that doing this deed by myself could make the town folks respect me again instead of hating me. I disguised myself as an old lady to get past some nasty trolls at the bridge who seemed to dislike me. It was the only way to get past the trolls and bring back Snow White. I brought some colorful ribbons to coach Snow White into going back home.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go really well. Snow White didn’t recognize me and started playing with the ribbons. She tied her waist with a super-tight ribbon and squeezed the life out of herself. It wasn’t my fault! I was panicking and decided to go to the doctor of the Royal Health Center for help.

On the way back to the seven dwarfs’ house with the doctor beside me, I realized that the dwarfs had already untied the ribbon from Snow White’s waist and the dwarfs made a conclusion that I was the one who squeezed the life out of Snow White. I decided to retreat and come again maybe some other time to avoid conflict. Even if the dwarfs are the one who asked for my help, I doubt that they would be welcoming me into their house when they already made that conclusion.

I tried to use a magic comb that I created at my secret lair, I mean, laboratory to coach her to come back to the castle the next day. As usual, I dressed myself as an old lady. Snow White saw the magical comb and pierced her head with it. She fainted again. I didn’t believe Snow White had fainted because I didn’t put any poison in it. I believe that she was just pretending. Snow White was such a drama Queen that I wonder why she was born as the daughter of a Queen when she should’ve been born as the daughter of an actress. Even if I knew that Snow White was pretending, I tried everything to wake Snow White up gently. I tried shaking her hand, tickling her nose with a feather and dropping a bucket of cold water but Snow White wouldn’t move. It wasn’t my fault. However, when the dwarfs returned home, I fled. The dwarfs took the comb out of Snow White’s head and Snow White woke up. Seeing the magic in the comb, they made a conclusion that I poisoned Snow White using the comb.

This time, I gave up. I won’t try to bring Snow White back to the castle. If she’s cozy in the dwarf’s house, then that’s enough for me. I just want her to be happy. After a while, I decided to give Snow White a peace offering. I prepared a basket of magic apples that can make her find true love and have her happily ever after because I couldn’t have mine. I brought the basket of magic apples to the dwarf’s house, no longer in my disguise.

"Snow White, are you in there?" I asked softly.

"Go away!" A muffled voice replied from behind the door.

"Snow White, please open the door. I brought you a basket of magic apples. It’s really delicious, you should try some." I explained gently. After a few seconds, Snow White opened the door. She took a shiny, red apple and took a big bite. She chocked and fell to the floor. I was shocked. How was I supposed to know that she would die when eating that instead of finding true love? I backed away, scared that the town folks would hate me even more. I was just about to run, when I encountered the dwarfs. When the dwarfs saw Snow White on the floor, they chased me away, a determined look gleamed on their eyes. I ran past twisting vines and never dared to come back. The dwarfs returned to Snow White and placed her in a glass tomb.

Well, you know what happened when the Prince came by, right? I will not repeat it again. And right now, Snow White should be thanking me. After all, I made her live again by giving her the magic apples so that she could wake up when the Prince kissed her.

Soon enough, Snow White and the Prince got married and lived happily while I was described as a mean and completely jealous Queen.

I have a lot of things that I would like say to the Grimm brothers after ruining my reputation. First of all, if I wanted to kill Snow White, I would’ve killed her myself for my own satisfaction instead of asking a huntsman to do it. Second of all, if I was serious about killing Snow White, I would’ve asked the mirror for the perfect way to end Snow White’s life. And third of all, people -like the dwarfs- would not leave their cottage door unlocked. I mean, what are the chances of people finding a cottage door unlocked in the middle of the dangerous forest?

I also think that the Grimm brothers are unfair. They only wanted to listen to the story from Snow White’s point of view, and not the others. I mean, don’t they care about my point of view!?

I am hiding at my secret laboratory right now and I will never come out of hiding unless people believe my story because at this moment, people will be throwing their pitchforks at me! When I can regain people’s trust, I will sue the huntsman as well as the Grimm brothers for their irresponsibility, mean thoughts, bad rumors about me and cruelty! And my advice to the witnesses of this story, don’t ever tell your secrets to the Grimm brothers. They might be recommendable writers on the outside, but they’re as sly as a fox on the inside.

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