Twisted Tales Series: Cinderella

24 April 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

I am well known throughout the land as the evil stepmother of Cinderella. Truth be told, I’m not evil. All I’ve ever done to Cinderella was protecting her. Of course living alone after my husband unfortunately passed away and having to raise my 3 daughters-Anastasia, Drizella and Cinderella was hard but I would never hurt any of them.

Ever since Cinderella was born, she’s been a sly and selfish girl. I mean, I tried teaching her to be a good girl with manners but she just wouldn’t listen. Of course, it didn’t help when her father passed away and left me dealing with Anastasia, Drizella and Cinderella. Every day, I would wake up in the morning and prepare the breakfast for my 3 daughters and bring it to their own rooms. Not like in the story where Cinderella lived in the attic.

Then, I would feed the horse, chickens and dogs that we have as pets in the backyard. Not like in the original story where I, the evil stepmother forced Cinderella to do her chores.

But sometimes as a great mother, I’d let Cinderella, Anastasia and Drizella do the chores so they could learn the ways to handle cleaning a house. But Cinderella wouldn’t understand and told the Grimm brothers that I was evil and unfair as to let Cinderella do overflowing lists of chores. That’s a big amount of exaggeration because Drizella and Anastasia also did the chores too, equally dividing them with Cinderella.

When the letter of the royal ball that the King was holding for the Prince to find his future bride arrived, I was excited. One of my daughters could finally find true love and move to the palace for a better life and take us with her.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go really well. When I asked the three of them to prepare for the ball together, they had a fight and all of them ended up as messy-haired and wrinkled dresses.

I decided to help the three of them in preparing for the ball. I gave Anastasia an elegant purple gown and Drizella a pale green colored gown. As for Cinderella, I offered my help but all she did was slam the door and say: "I don’t need your pathetic help. I can dress myself up into the prettiest girl in the kingdom unlike Anastasia and Drizella who need your help because they’re not independent."

"But, Cinderella, are you sure? I have a beautiful blue gown that would look good on-" I began to say but Cinderella cut me off before I could say ‘you’.

"Listen, here. I’m trying to get ready so shush!" Cinderella shouted at me from the other side of the door. If she doesn’t want my help, then I won’t give her any. But just in case she needed help, I left the beautiful blue gown hanging on her door.

By the time Cinderella came out, I was already waiting with Anastasia and Drizella at the doorstep. Can you believe that she selfishly dressed herself as if she had all the time in the world while her sisters and I wait in the doorway?

I had even paid extra fee to the coachmen earlier to take us to the ball. And now, because of Cinderella, the coachmen are glaring at me, blaming that I’ve wasted their time by asking him to come earlier. I tried to muster as much patience as I can to hold back a scream.

Cinderella went down the stairs and I looked at her, surprised. She had spent about 4 hours in her room and all she could do was that? She was wearing a pink dress that was slightly stained with orange juice and I could tell that her overgrown feet was forced into a small, dainty glass slippers. (The glass slippers looked as if it was about to explode.) However, as a caring mother, I asked: "Cinderella, are you sure you don’t want to wear the blue dress instead?"

Cinderella just carelessly nodded and looked at her sisters. I could tell that she was jealous because her face was turning slightly green. Wow, she was taking the phrase ‘Green with envy’ to a whole new level!

Suddenly, like a wild caveman, she jumped at her sisters and ripped Anastasia’s blue-beaded necklace and Drizella’s green shawl to shreds. I was shocked at her behavior! And for the record, she attacked us, not the other way around.

With a heavy heart, I grounded Cinderella from going to the ball due to her sudden bad behavior. All Cinderella did was stomp her feet and sat on the nearest sofa in the living room.

Making sure that there was a glass of water and sandwiches at the dining table for Cinderella, I left with a displeased-looking Anastasia and Drizella. There wasn’t even a magic pumpkin that turned into a carriage or a fairy godmother. Cinderella completely made up a lie about me banning her from going to the ball for no reason and meeting her fairy godmother and the other details.

However, I could still see Cinderella at the ball. I thought I was just imagining things probably of the guilty feeling of leaving Cinderella at home but as I looked closer, Cinderella was dancing with the Prince.

Cinderella was wearing the blue dress that I had advised earlier but I still felt hurt that she had not listened to me. But I kept quiet and steered Anastasia and Drizella away from the Prince and Cinderella to avoid further arguments. I was a responsible mother, after all.

When the clock struck twelve, or so the original story said, Cinderella ran away because she saw me at the ball and was afraid, not because of some silly spell that would fade away at midnight.

I tried calling her, but she ignored me and ran straight home. When I got home in a rush with Anastasia and Drizella, I went to Cinderella’s room and said: "Cinderella, why did you not listen to me and stay at home? You were supposed to be grounded."

"It’s just unfair! How come they have a chance to get true love while I don’t?" Cinderella shot back, angrily.

"Calm down. You know that the only reason your grounded is because of your rude attitude earlier, right?" I explained calmly. Sometimes, when facing a little drama queen daughter, you have to stay calm and try to patch things up without having a heated argument.

Cinderella just looked down, not replying anything. Then, she said softly: "Then, as punishment for my previous actions, I allow you to lock my door and not let me out until next afternoon."

I nodded in surprise and did as what she told me to do. By the next day, the royal coachman and the duke had arrived and announced that the maiden that could fit her foot on Cinderella’s glass slipper that she had dropped clumsily at the palace would be the Prince’s bride.

Of course, I didn’t remember that Cinderella owned a pair of glass slippers. I had enough on my plate already. However, in the original story, it clearly stated the opposite. Now, while I’m taking refuge from an angry mob outside to write this letter, I really have a headache.

Cinderella had heard of the duke’s arrival and she was banging the door loudly so that she could be let out. But the coachman’s loud blaring trumpets made it hard for me to hear Cinderella’s knock on her door. Hey, it’s not my fault that I’m getting old and hard to hear!

She was shouting and banging on the door to be let out and explaining that she was the owner of the glass slipper. Then, Cinderella found a trapdoor leading to the living room and said that she wanted to try out for the glass slipper.

Being an understanding mother, I allowed Cinderella to try out for the glass slipper. But before Cinderella could even try it on, the clumsy coachman dropped the glass slipper and it broke to pieces. And correction from the original story, I had nothing to do with the glass slipper breaking to pieces. Cinderella just pushed the blame on me! I can’t believe she threw me under the bus like that.

Suddenly, Cinderella took the other pair of the glass slipper and showed it to the duke. When Cinderella married the prince, I thought that she would allow her sisters and me to stay in the palace too. After all, I had endured many pain upon raising my daughters and I hoped that there would be some satisfying results for my efforts but no.

Even the Prince has asked Cinderella to invite her family -Anastasia, Drizella and I- to live in the palace. Perhaps fearing that when the King died, half of the gold will be given to Cinderella and the Prince and the half of it will go to me, Cinderella complained to the Prince about how she was treated back home like a maid and that her evil stepmother and stepsisters were mean and rude to her. Cinderella even asked the Grimm brothers to publish a story featuring the life she had with her family at her old house where she was treated badly by her sisters and her stepmother. Well, I would never!

I was so heartbroken that Cinderella could do such an awful thing to us. But that wasn’t the worse part. The Kingdom citizens started booing us when we shopped on the markets and often they ignored us or banned us from shopping in their shops and booths. The Kingdom citizens even made a puppet show about Cinderella and her Evil Stepmother. To add salt to the wound, the children around the Kingdom started throwing things like rotten banana peels and baby diapers at us! Can you believe it?

As a result, I never want to show my face to the people again and spend most of my days in my house. I mean, how did I end up like this? From a respected citizen to an infamous villain.

All I wanted was to protect and teach Cinderella the right things and what has she returned to me? Hatred, lies, trickery is all what Cinderella had returned to me!

So people, who are reading this, please understand that I’m not evil. I’m just a victim of Cinderella’s lies and trickery. And I’m warning you, don’t be fooled by her pretty face and sweet voice! For she is a demon with a pretty blonde hair and innocent blue eyes!

(Penulis saat ini sekolah di SIS Kebun Jeruk, Grade 6)