The Magic Ones

5 Maret 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Tristan Radinka Akbar

Hello, my name is Bill. It was a normal day in a camping trip until I saw a magical thing that changed my life forever. It was a nice day. Then I saw a
weird creature that looks colorful and has a tail. it looked like a magic lizard or something. I went after it and chased it. Then it got cornered by some stone walls. So I raised my hand and tried to tame it

And when I tried tame it, I said " Don’t worry I wont hurt you" I explained. The rainbow lizard also has a hidden wing! I went and picked up the rainbow lizard and brought it ro my camp. I checked it and the lizard said "Mama! Mama!".it thinks that I’m the rainbow lizard’s mother. I drove home and kept it safely in blanket. The rainbow lizard turned out to be my pet

I raised the lizard and it is now 9 years old. I forgot to name the lizard. So I named it frank I didn’t know what to name him so I just named him that. I kept frank as a secret. Then one morning frank went away and got into the wild! I didn’t know where he went so I cried for hours. I just lost my pet. I searched everywhere for frank but I never found him.

Maybe my pet was dead! Then I found a very hidden room underground. I went in it and found a group of robots. Then I saw my pet trapped in a laser protected - fully trapped cage. I ignored the robots and went for frank. The robots got killed by their own traps anyways. The traps were too easy to dodge it was only like a tripwire trap that’s easy to see because its laser!

I got back home and took a very good care of frank. So I set some alarm traps so people can’t take my magic pet. Then frank magically shot a magic ball at my chair. It got destroyed. Anyways that chair was only $10 so I didn’t have to worry about it.

The End

Note: This is not a true story

(Penulis saat ini bersekolah di Bletchely Park Primary School, Perth, West Australia, Usia 10 Tahun)