The Journey: Memoirs of Primary Six

3 Juli 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

I had lots of wonderful memories at Primary 6. In my six years of studying at my primary school, SIS KJ, I’ve learned plenty of morals and lessons. I’m sure that all my classmates and I in our next step as a secondary student will use these skills and lessons that we’ve learned in SIS.

I will always remember the usual days at school where we either wore our batik and PE uniforms, in which we usually prefer to tuck it out when no teacher was monitoring us.

We, both girls and boys, also valued our PE subject period deeply as it was the only period in where we got to play soccer and volleyball freely. We only have 2 periods which is 1 hour and 10 minutes for PE subject so we try not to waste any time, although it is sometimes hard when not all of us are willing to cooperate.

When the secondary students were having exams, we had to play PE downstairs in the basketball court beside the playground. During these times, some of my classmates would find an unmistakable yellow caterpillar that we can always count on to be seen in the stem of the plants and play with it.

We will never forget our a bit strict yet caring form teacher Ms. Lanie who sometimes scolds us for not being able to keep the classroom clean at times and teaches us to be better in her subjects as well as our manners and behavior. We can always count on her shoulders to lean on during hard times such as exams.

My classmates and I would agree that exams are hard, especially if we are in particular doing 3 exams- the national exam, the semester assessment exam and also the Cambridge exam. Because of that, we used about 5 hours in Saturday to go to school and have extra classes for exams. We did our best during the exams every time so that the lessons that we learned all year long would not be wasted. However, there was one time when the class had an eraser shooting game during an exam.

I find that our primary 6 year is very special and extra fun, as I’m sure all my classmates will agree too. After all, we had lots of activities that we did together outside school. One of our recent activities was playing the Laser Game in Kemang, Jakarta where we tried shooting each other with harmless laser guns in a dark maze-like room.

Besides that, the exciting field trips will always be the highlights of our years. We enjoyed our field trip to Taman Bunga Nusantara where we got a chance to go fishing, horse riding and enjoy a wide variety of well-arranged flowers.

There was also a time when we went to SIS Bandung and camped there. It was nice and fun as we made lots of new friends there and did a mini amazing race where we had to complete various obstacles and challenges. It was a fantastic field trip, as long as no one counts the cold showers we had to take early in the morning!

We will always remember our study tour to Singapore in which we visited the leafy-green Bollywood Veggies where we made a scarecrow and stayed at Admiralty Primary School where we were each assigned to buddies and got a glimpse of studying in Singapore. We also thoroughly enjoy sight-seeing at Mint Toy Museum where some of the world’s rarest and most valuable toys are kept. We also visited the famous Merlion, the mind-blowing science centre and also the fun Universal studios.

The Math in the Mall event held at Puri Indah Mall is an unforgettable event where we were all divided into groups and went on a quest to solve math-related challenges. This event is similar to the Amazing race on TV so it was both nerve-wrecking and exciting!

We would also like to thank our caring form teacher, Ms. Lanie for always supporting and being there for us throughout the years. I will always be grateful to the non-core subject teachers for being patient when teaching us because we all know that sometimes, we can be a bit naughty and childish. We would like to thank all the non-teaching staff for making SIS KJ a very comfortable and peaceful environment to study and learn.

Lastly, on behalf of the Primary 6 students, I would like to thank Mr. Craig for making our stay at SIS KJ very memorable and special. I wish good luck to all my classmates and I hope that we would be able to see each other again.

(Penulis saat ini sekolah di SIS Kebun Jeruk)