The Huntress Hunted

4 Agustus 2016 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

She was fast.

She was agile.

She was a huntress of the savannah.

And for this afternoon, under the scorching hot glare of the Sun, her eyes locked down on her next target-a gazelle lounging nearby with not a clue on what was about to happen.

She took a deep breath, feeling her taut muscles coil and tighten with anticipation. With great amount of self-control over the growing hunger in her stomach, she was just barely restrained from impulsively pouncing on her next meal.

It had been nearly over two days of unsuccessful hunts and escaping prey for this huntress and she was impatient to sink her teeth into some poor, unfortunate prey.

Of course, it wasn’t her fault that her hunts were unsuccessful these past two days. With the arrival of more predators in her territory of the savannah and the decreasing population of preys to be hunted, the huntress was already on edge.

Not to mention the fact that she was unable to scare the new predators away from her territory. The large wound on her side was evidence enough of her failed attempt.

The huntress, still in hiding among the tall grass, nearly growled at the thought of those other lions and hyenas that invaded her territory and started preying on her preys.

Things just weren’t like it used to be.

Ah...those were the days.

The days were she was the most lethal huntress in the savannah and how the other animals, whether prey nor predator, were both wary to cross her path; the days where she marked her territory and rarely did any competitors dare pass through.

She used to be the huntress. Deadly. Unquestioned. Uncontested.

However, as the years passed by, it started to take a toll on her. She wasn’t as fast as she used be; it took her longer to run after prey and she needed to exert more effort with every step, every pounce and every lunge.

This huntress was great, but she was getting old...and perhaps, soon, there wouldn’t be anything left of her in this world. She would be forgotten. Insignificant. The world and its inhabitants would go on without her.

The huntress shook her head to rid of such depressing thoughts, chastising herself to focus more on her current prey if she didn’t want a repeat of what had happened these past two days.

Her eyes narrowed on the gazelle, who was now on the move.

No! Not another escaping prey! The huntress shouted inside her mind.

She was just about to jump out and chase the slowly escaping gazelle when she realized that her prey had stopped at a small pool of water nearby to drink. The huntress froze momentarily before crouching back down, immensely relieved.

Her prey wasn’t running, after all.

Trusting her instincts, the huntress decided that she had waited long enough and began to thread her way among the tall grass, each step drawing her nearer towards the gazelle...and the waters.

She hated to get wet. The huntress reminded herself not to let the gazelle or herself come into contact with the water when she would make her final pounce.

The huntress pushed the thought aside as the tall grass stopped short just three meters from the waters. One more step and she would be out of the shadows.

She crept forward.


The huntress kept her eyes fixed on the prey.


She crouched even lower, preparing enough strength for her final pounce.


She pushed herself back down on her feet as soon as she was going to pounce, eyes wide as she watched her prey, now in the jaws of a crocodile, who had jumped out of the waters and snagged the gazelle a second faster than the huntress had.

Heart racing and body crouched in a wary position, the huntress could only watch helplessly at her supposed prey struggling and thrashing wildly for a few more seconds before falling limp, the life leaving its eyes.

The crocodile, pleased at its caught meal, slowly backed away into the pool, carrying the huntress’ prey with it into the waters.

As soon as the crocodile was gone, the huntress rose from its crouched form and took another step forward towards the direction the crocodile had disappeared to.

She stared at the waters, which were turning red, saddened over the loss of another prey.

She couldn’t live on like this...

That’s when she saw it.

A small red dot on the ground in front of her.

It was just there, mocking her, taunting her over the failure of yet another hunt and an escaped prey.

Then it moved.

That’s when she realized how she was going to end.

She was too late and all she could do was wait.

And there it was.

The sudden gunshot.

The huntress hunted.

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