The Great War

22 September 2016 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

The Great War

The wind carried with it news from the European land,

Of embers of war finally glowing bright,

The leading powers, for nationalism they’ll stand,

Has armies marching for the awaited fight,

Years of diplomacy has done no good,

At keeping countries’ conflicts at bay,

For politics and conquerors come to intrude,

Having no qualms of taking lands away,

First the Serbian rebels and their assassination,

Angering the citizens of Austria-Hungary,

An ultimatum sent-threats of a war declaration,

So, protective Russia joins their Serbian brothers to parry,

Excited over long-prepared, conquering schemes,

Germany then joins in with indignant France right behind,

Next comes submarine attacks costinglives, it seems,

Forcing America to take part with retribution in mind,

And soon was the chain reaction,

The beginning of the falling dominoes,

One country after another take action,

Nations once friends becoming murderous foes,

All that it really, truly took,

For the vicious war to start,

Was abullet through Austria’s archduke,

And the world then tore apart.

(Penulis saat ini sekolah di SIS Kebun Jeruk)