Slithering, Slinking Serpent

20 November 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

Slithering, slinking, sliding serpent,
Piercing eyes in deep, dreadful, darkness,
A blanket of shiny, shimmering, scales,
That hides the dangerous, devious, demonic creature underneath,

Flicking, unfurling, uncurling serpent,
A forked tongue out-seeing, sensing and swaying,
Hissing sounds resonating through the airy, autumn atmosphere,
Sending quiet, quaking, quivers down the spine,

Trailing, tracking, tailing serpent,
A resilient, ruthless hunter,
That hides within the silent, shady, shadows,
Waiting to strike with poisonous, paralyzing, precision,

Snaky, sharp-tongued, serpent,
Never know if you can terribly, truly, trust,
One must see through the eyes-
The windows of the soul,
That’ll enrapture, enchant and ensnare,
In its deep, hypnotic hold,