Scarletts Farmhouse Adventures: The Runaway Stallion - Part 1

19 Juni 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

Scarlett watched the blurry scenery from the fast moving train. The tall buildings of the city were replaced with lush green trees of the countryside as she watched on. Scarlett was definitely far away from home. Not that the city has ever been considered a home.

Fixing her eyes on the chair on the opposing side of hers, Scarlett saw a boy with shiny polished black leather boots and neat black hair. His freckled face had a serious and confident look as he examined the loose floorboard just underneath his feet. Just as the boy turned to Scarlett’s direction, Scarlett quickly looked away.

Scarlett played with the front pockets of her blue jeans that matched with her pink and white checkered outfit. It was both exciting and nerve-wrecking to visit her Aunt that she just knew she had last week. Since Scarlett was little, she was already an independent person. That was necessary since both her parents died in a tragic car accident and she lived in Little Angel Orphanage. She never knew she had another family member until now. And her Aunt would be adopting and caring for her now.

As the train halted to a stop, Scarlett was thrown to the passenger’s seat on the opposite side of her seat, into the neat, black-haired boy. "Whoa!" she exclaimed in surprise. After all, the transportation in the city never parked to a stop like this.

"Sorry..." Scarlett’s words hung on the air. The boy took a second to adjust his coal black, expensive-looking, tailored coat but smiled at Scarlett and shrugged as if everything is forgiven. Scarlett looked down and fiddled with her fingers.

Scarlett fixed her hair the best she could and tucked her small luggage under her right arm. When the train conductor announced their arrival through the speakers positioned at every side of the train, Scarlett was already out the door.

Scarlett expected the train station to be bustling along with people but instead, it was deserted. The supposed train station’s roof was the sky and beyond it is trees and fields as far as the eye can see.

"I think I’m lost," Scarlett murmured to herself worriedly. "And the train left already."

Suddenly, a warm voice said: "Scarlett? Are you Scarlett?"

Scarlett turned to see a woman about the age of 30s walking to her. Her jolly head was supported with her round body. She was wearing a plain yellow dress with a white apron. She looked very friendly and warm.

"Yes, I’m Scarlett. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Are you my Aunt?" Scarlett asked politely.

The woman nodded, a grin breaking on her thin, venetian red lips and she replied: "Yes, I’m Aunt Tara. Let’s walk to the farm now, okay?"

Scarlett nodded along and they set off to the farm. After 20 minutes or so, they arrived at the place. "Are we there yet?" Scarlett asked, panting. As a reply, Aunt Tara nodded.

The farm house was a wonderful sight. In the stables right beside the mill, Scarlett could hear a dozen or more horses neighing from inside there.

"Welcome to the farm house!" Aunt Tara announced. "Uncle Ben is just at the garage right now. He’ll meet you in a second. Meanwhile, you should unpack in your room first."

And with that, Scarlett was sent to her room to unpack. After just unpacking a few clothes into the closet, Scarlett took out her journal and began to write about how friendly and warm Aunt Tara was.

Dear Diary,

I am so far away from the orphanage now. I feel happy that I left to find this beautiful and mega-amazing farmhouse but part of me feels scared at all the changes that’s happening.
Aunt Tara seems to be the warmest Aunt in the world and since she’s my mother’s sister, I think my mother would be a bit like her if she was alive and caring for me. I haven’t yet met Uncle Ben but I’m sure he’ll be as friendly as Aunt Tara.
Seeing the beautiful open fields of corn and wheat, the green apple orchard and the pumpkin patches, I feel as if I’m free and could just run around there the whole day. But of course, I can’t, or else I would’ve trampled on the crops.
I feel very excited and eager to visit the horse stables. I could just hear the neighs of the horses from my window. I really, really want to ride one as I really love horses. Since Aunt Tara is calling me now, I better go.

Your True Friend,


Scarlett could hear Aunt Tara calling her from downstairs, in the kitchen. Scarlett ran down after she shouted, "Coming!"
The kitchen was a very warm place with china plates and teacups as well as teapots displayed in the cupboard. There were many photo frames that adorned on top of the cupboard and the whole place smells of fresh-baked cookies and apple pies. The round wooden dining table was placed in the middle of the room with a small green plant in a small blue pot. And the only light in the kitchen was from recycled colourful glass bottles that had light bulbs placed in them.

"What?" Scarlett asked, breathlessly after she went down the stairs. Aunt Tara introduced Scarlett to a man just a few years older than Aunt Tara. He was a very thin man with a distinguished jawline and almond brown hair.

"Oh, hi. You must be Uncle Ben." Scarlett guessed.

"I am. It’s a pleasure to meet you." Uncle Ben replied as he extended his hand for a handshake. Scarlett happily shook hands.

"Now. Don’t you have the green tractor to fix?" Aunt Tara reminded to Uncle Ben who snapped his fingers and ran out to fix the tractor. Scarlett covered her mouth to laugh.

"So, let’s give you a tour of the place." Aunt Tara declared and took her around the house to see the bathroom, the study room, the attic, the porch as well as the wine cellar.

"You have a wine cellar?" Scarlett asked in amazement as Aunt Tara led her in.

"Yup. Of all the collections of the wine we produced ourselves from the vineyard." Aunt Tara explained proudly. Scarlett could only manage a small nod with her mouth hanging wide with surprise.

"So now, let’s head outdoor." Aunt Tara smiled and led Scarlett out. Scarlett smiled back as she was headed towards the corn field.

"I can just run around here all day!" Scarlett shouted as she felt the wind breeze through her scarlet red hair. Aunt Tara laughed at Scarlett’s statement. Scarlett spun around Aunt Tara before finally stopping as she toppled over and crashed into three neatly-arranged steel garbage chutes.

The sound of Scarlett with the clanking of the garbage chutes as they fell made such a racket that Puss, the sour farmyard cat fell from its walk on top of the wooden fences surrounding the barn nearby and Buss, the sleepy-headed, brown hound awoke from its nap in the porch of the farmhouse.

"Whoops!" Scarlett exclaimed apologetically as she took a rotten banana peel off the side of her head. Aunt Tara only smiled and helped a sheepish Scarlett up. Arranging the garbage chutes in their correct position again, Aunt Tara heard Scarlett scratch the back of her right foot with her other leg guiltily while apologizing.

"Oh, I don’t mind. Just be careful, you might get hurt." Aunt Tara advised and wiped her hands on her white apron. Scarlett smiled sheepishly.

The rest of the evening was used to give a tour to Scarlett and to teach her on how to make a scarecrow to scare the crows in the middle of the fields. Scarlett accidentally stitched a one-eyed scarecrow during the process and Aunt Tara laughed so hard until tears trickled down her merry cheeks.

"Oh, I bet the scarecrows will be twice as frightened when seeing this." Aunt Tara had said between laughs which just made Scarlett fall in a heap of laughter again.

By dinnertime, Scarlett was already seated patiently in the chairs of the red and white checkered table cloth of the wooden table. Uncle Ben, who was just on the opposite side of her, was already holding a spoon and a fork readily, his eyes showing excitement.

"I jolly can’t wait for this part of the day." Uncle Ben stated to Scarlett happily. Scarlett only half-listened as she was busy trying to get Puss the cat away from under her chair.

Annoyed, Scarlett kicked the cat gently and the cat jumped out from the side of her, showing its claws and hissing several times as a warning before strutting off to its bowl of milk in the corner of the room.

"I hate that cat. But since it belonged to Tara’s mother, we still have to keep it." Scarlett heard Uncle Ben sigh. Scarlett nodded in agreement.

Minutes later, Aunt Tara came out of the swing-in kitchen door holding three dishes-two on her hands and one on the top of her head. She placed the dishes neatly in the table before going back into the kitchen.

‘Isn’t...Aunt Tara going" Scarlett asked, looking at the swinging kitchen door.

"Don’t mind her. She’s just preparing the dessert. Meanwhile, dig in." Uncle Ben replied dismissively, a big sausage melting with butter in his mouth.

Scarlett nodded, eyeing the vegetable soup at the corner of the table. Mouth-watering, Scarlett poured some of the soup into her empty bowl with a wooden ladle. Scarlett took a spoonful of it and placed it on her mouth. The flavour was so lively in Scarlett’s mouth that it made her blink her eyes in surprise.

"Wow. This is just-it’s so-wow..." Scarlett only managed to say as she slurped the whole bowl empty.

"I know. Amazing, right?" Uncle Ben exclaimed, looking at his niece with a knowing smile.

When Aunt Tara came back minutes later with a big apple pie, the only remains of the soup were the chicken bones that had been dropped there. The other two dishes made of pumpkin and eggplants was only slightly eaten.

Aunt Tara nearly dropped the apple pie by surprise.

"You finished it!" Aunt Tara exclaimed with shock. Uncle Ben shrugged and rubbed his belly, not paying any heed to Aunt Tara’s swelling red face. Scarlett shuffled her foot and looked guilty.

Seeing Scarlett, Aunt Tara softened and said nothing. 30 minutes later, the three of them were stacking the dirty plates on the sink. Scarlett had volunteered to help wash the dishes.

Uncle Ben only nodded and went to the garage to fix a broken lawnmower while Aunt Tara was busy re-arranging the small fridge so that the leftovers of the apple pie could fit in there.

"You know Scarlett, I’ll be quite busy tomorrow as I have to go barter some fresh milk with a sack of strawberry seeds so I won’t be able to collect the eggs at the chicken coop in the morning. Do you mind doing it for me?" Aunt Tara began a conversation.

"Why not? I could go around the farm after that, right?" Scarlett asked, thinking of the horse stables.

"Sure." Aunt Tara smiled warmly and Scarlett placed the last plate on the drier.

That night, Scarlett couldn’t sleep. The sound of the noisy rustling leaves of the big tree just outside of her window kept her awake. By morning, the rooster crowed and Scarlett jumped out the bed.

‘The horse stables!’ Scarlett shouted in her mind. As Aunt Tara had said, she left early to barter the milk and Uncle Ben busied himself in his garage. Scarlett walked to the chicken coop just beside the pumpkin patches.

Taking the handmade basket in the chicken coop, Scarlett collected the eggs carefully as to not break any. It wasn’t an easy job because some chickens tried to peck at Scarlett’s hands.

Scarlett placed the egg-filled basket in Aunt Tara’s kitchen and took a green apple from the fridge. Scarlett bit into it as she walked out. Scarlett secretly slinked into the horse stables and dropped her apple by excitement.

"Horses!" Scarlett breathed out. She looked at the horses neighing and pacing back and forth, observing her steps just as she was observing theirs.

But out of all the steeds there, only one caught her attention. While all the other horses neighed and buckled up, a golden brown horse about a few centimeters taller than her was watching her intently, its pitch black eyes fixing on Scarlett’s olive green ones.

The horse had a light yellow mane that fell perfectly down its neck and part of its fur near its hooves were moonflower white. She felt herself drawn to the horse. Before Scarlett had knew it, she had opened the horse’s door to touch it up-close.

Scarlett extended her hand to touch the horse’s nuzzle but only found herself being pushed aside by the horse. As Scarlett fell into a heap of straw, the horse ran out of the stable.

"Wait! Come back!" Scarlett yelled at the horse uselessly. The horse was long gone. Aunt Tara would come back home soon. Uncle Ben would find out. And it’s all Scarlett’s fault. Scarlett gave a miserable sigh and buried her head in her knees. This was not how her day was supposed to go.

Wait for the next part of The Runaway Stallion !

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