Rosewood Girls: Little Drama Queen

25 September 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

The nervous clicking of pens all around her, despite how colorfully attractive they all were, gave school-renowned, drama queen Keandra Morrow a headache. Keandra rubbed the sides of her head, wishing this all would go away. The ticking of the clock stuck to the wall brought her nerves on edge. Keandra gripped the side of her desk tightly.

The stern teacher at the front of the class had small, thin spectacles perched at the end of her regal nose and dark hair mercilessly tied into a tight bun. She never smiled.

This was torture-pure and simple. The agony of waiting until the school bell rang, signaling that the horror was ending, seemed so far out of reach. The class period seemed to stretch on forever and ever, like an endless sea for an abandoned sailor.

Keandra subtly craned her neck sideward and caught her bookworm friend, Melanie Ross, busy reading a dauntingly thick novel under her desk at the far corner of the room.

They were only meters apart and yet, to Keandra, it was like miles away, especially if Melanie was too absorbed in her own world to bother meeting Keandra’s eyes to show that she shared Keandra’s pain.

Giving a theatrical moan of torment too silent for the teacher to hear, Keandra focused back on her desk, eyeing her mathematical worksheet with distaste. They were supposed to be doing this activity for class but unlike other students who still bothered to answer the mathematical questions, Keandra already gave up on it long before.

She hardly found it necessary to answer the mathematical problems written on the worksheet. It was, after all, certainly not her problem, so why should she answer it or be pestered with finding a solution?

As Keandra eyed Melanie through the corner of her brown, owlish eyes, Keandra released a long sigh. It was never a doubt that Melanie, being the brilliant student she is, had finished the worksheet a few seconds after she received it.

"Lucky Melanie and her lucky brain..." Keandra muttered darkly to herself. A thought at the back of her mind suddenly suggested that she was, indeed, jealous of Melanie. Widening her eyes, Keandra shook her head to clear away the traitorous thought.

Why should Keandra be jealous of Melanie? Keandra pondered this question. She was absolutely fine and content without having Melanie’s soft, curly auburn hair or Melanie’s sharp and witty tongue. Keandra wasn’t even jealous of Melanie’s calculating and lucid green eyes.

Keandra sighed even louder this time. Yup, it was confirmed. She was jealous. Keandra glowered at herself for her thoughts again and decided that focusing on the other people’s problems, such as the mathematical ones, could do her good in distracting her, after all.

Lucky mathematicians...Keandra thought, narrowing her eyes on the questions. Today, she was going to be solving their problems that were printed on the sheet of paper.

The young girl poked the tip of the worksheet lightly, as if it were poisonous, and pulled it closer to herself so she would be able to see. As soon as her eyes landed on the mathematical problem, Keandra paled and she nearly passed out.

Fanning herself with her hands, Keandra struggled to breathe evenly. She must answer this paper, no matter how terrifying it looks or how the numbers in the page looked like alien symbols to her.

Curling a lock of her boring brown hair around a finger, a sign that Keandra was anxious, she hesitantly reached for her glittery pen-a gift from her mother for her eighth birthday-and poised it above the fearsome worksheet.

Keandra exhaled deeply before rereading the first problem. hard can the answer of twelve multiplied by twelve be? Keandra closed her eyes and thought of the problem seriously.

She chewed her bottom lip as numbers swarm around her mind, threatening to squeeze it and leave her lifeless. Keandra shuddered at this and continued thinking. The answer soon popped into her mind-144.

Writing the answer on the brackets provided, Keandra didn’t notice that to the teacher’s eyes, it looked as if Keandra was continuously stabbing the page with crazed eyes.

The teacher stood up in an intimidating position as she glared at Keandra coldly. Keandra’s classmates began to titter and twitter nervously as they eyed the teacher and Keandra back and forth, as if in a tennis match. Keandra, however, seemed to be oblivious to her surroundings.

"Ms. Morrow!" The teacher admonished exasperatedly, "What do you think you’re doing? This is a worksheet activity, not a murder session!"

Keandra, surprised at the teacher calling out her name, dropped her pen at once and her eyes went up to meet icy, spectacled ones. Keandra stood up quietly.

"Yes, Ms. Grange?" Keandra asked sweetly, looking up with innocent, doe eyes. Unfortunately, her angelic pose did little to affect the remorseless teacher’s fury.

"As punishment, you will write a five-hundred words essay regarding the conduct of proper behaviour in class that is due tomorrow. Is that clear?" The teacher served the punishment, the corners of her thin, blood red lips threatening to twitch upwards.

With a surrendering expression, Keandra finally acknowledged the fact that her math teacher is an unforgiving sadist that was born for the sole reason of tormenting her.

Meeting Ms. Grange’s impatient eyes and seeing the agitated tapping of her heeled shoes, Keandra managed a meek nod and sat back down, a flush in her cheeks as she avoided her peers’ gazes that showed various emotions-awe, surprise, fear and disgust.

As Ms. Grange returned to her seat at the front of the class, Keandra tried to pay attention to the worksheet again. She gave up after answering another three impossible questions. After a few more minutes of affliction and misery, the school bell rang, practically music to Keandra’s ears.

"Freedom!" Keandra yelled as she charged out of class, much to her classmates’ puzzlement. It had only been thirty minutes of mathematical lessons, after all.