My Fridge is Gone!

20 Februari 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Tristan Radinka Akbar

One day I woke up and had breakfast But there was no fridge!

I started to think that I am going to starve to death! Oh, yes I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Dan. I am a normal boy. I’m wondering where my fridge has gone. So yes, it was a day without food.

So I went on a night hunt for my fridge. I just slowly walked outside and found a rainbow lizard.

I touched it. Suddenly, I got teleported into a world of rainbows and monsters. There was a pathway so I just followed it. The pathway led me to a village.

I can feel something in my pocket. I grabbed it. It was a piece of paper saying ALFR, I thought I had to find that building or house. But all the buildings in the village had ALFR in it, so I thought it would take forever. Then I saw a small

Bridge. Under it was a sign saying ALFR so I went there and there it is, my fridge!

I wasn’t strong enough to lift the fridge. I wondered about how to get the fridge to my house, but then a man with torn clothes came in.

He said "Hey that’s my fridge!" "Nope, not anymore! , you stole it from me!" I replied. Then I looked at the person’s tummy. It looked skinny. "Fine then, you can have it" said the man. "No, no, no ,no, you can have it" I explained "really?" the man begged.

"yes, because you look like you have never eaten anything" I said "Thank you so much" the man thanked. So I went back home, with no fridge. I was starving then I found out there was an Infinite food producer near the door. I forgot I ordered that. I guess I wont need a fridge! Silly me.....

The End

Note: This is not a true story

(Penulis saat ini bersekolah di Bletchely Park Primary School, Perth, West Australia - Usia 10 Tahun)