Kathryn Silverwood - Part 4: Triple Trouble

7 April 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

"Kriing, kriing!" The sound of the school bell at the hall outside the girl’s dorm room sounded. It was summer already at Sorcerer School and all the students were preparing to go home. Kathryn was still in her room packing her things.

"Let’s see, I’ve packed my clothes as well as the school books but I feel like I’m missing something! What could it be?" Kathryn said to herself as she busied herself with packing her clothes.

"Kathryn, relax! Besides, the only thing missing is your necklace given by your grandma, Helen Silverwood." Belinda told Kathryn as she rose up from her couch where she had been looking at Kathryn for the past 15 minutes.

Kathryn stopped packing her things and looked at Belinda, amazed that Belinda could know what she was missing. Kathryn replied: "Oh, right! Thanks Belinda!" Kathryn grabbed her necklace at the study desk and wore it. After 5 more minutes, Kathryn and Belinda finally carried their luggage and went outside their dorm room. Their roommate, Krystabel had already left a few minutes ago because she was afraid that she would be late for her bus which is the Bus Express 23. Suddenly, Ms. Virtuana appeared in front of Kathryn and Belinda in a flash.

"You are clearly late. I hate to give you a punishment before your departure but you have given me no choice!" Ms. Virtuana’s voice thundered. "You will have to-" Ms. Virtuana began but before she could say anything else, Ms. Christina cut in.

"Do nothing! Ms. Virtuana, this is already the end of this school year! They are now free to do whatever they please whether they’re late or not." Ms. Christina cut in. Ms. Virtuana kept opening and closing her mouth like a fish gasping for air as if she was going to say something else but decided not to do so. Ms. Virtuana nodded a bit and disappeared.

"Thank you, Ms. Christina!" Kathryn said immediately. Ms. Christina smiled and said: "Kathryn and Belinda, I have a gift for you!" As soon as Ms. Christina said that, she placed a small white box with a ribbon on it on Kathryn and Belinda’s hand. Kathryn and Belinda said thank you again and went to the garden to wait for their bus. Kathryn and Belinda were going to ride the same bus which is Bus Express 38.

Soon, the bus arrived and Kathryn and Belinda entered. They sat at the front row seat and chatted about their adventures at Sorcerer School.

"Let’s open the gift from Ms. Christina!" Belinda suggested.

"No way! You heard what Ms. Christina had said, no opening the gifts until Christmas." Kathryn replied.

"Oh, right! I’m just really curious to know what is in the gift box." Belinda added.

"I never thought I’d say this but I really wish that I can go back to Sorcerer School and stay there forever. It’s the place where I feel that I really belong." Kathryn said without thinking.

Belinda looked at Kathryn and quickly said: "Kathryn, you can like studying here at Sorcerer School but you need to also remember that you belong with your family too!" Kathryn nodded.

Soon, there was a screeching sound and the bus stopped. Kathryn had arrived at her house. Kathryn hugged Belinda, said good bye to her and went outside the bus. When Kathryn looked back to say another good bye, the bus was already gone. Kathryn walked to the porch of her house and pressed the doorbell.

"Ding, Dong!" The doorbell sounded. Kathryn had spent so much time at Sorcerer School that she forgot that her house’s doorbell made that sound. Seconds later, Kathryn’s mother, Mrs. Lillian Silverwood opened the door.

"Kathryn, it’s been such a long time since I last seen you. I mean, look at you, you’ve obviously grown taller." Mrs. Lillian gushed and pulled Kathryn into a bone-crushing hug. Mrs. Lillian’s hug was cutting off Kathryn’s circulation.

"Mom, I would appreciate it if you stop crushing me!" Kathryn tried to speak as she tried to escape from her mom’s hug. Mrs. Lillian finally let go of Kathryn and said: "Kathryn, I know that you’re tired and you should rest. I cleaned up your room so you can sleep there comfortably." Kathryn nodded and went upstairs.

‘Lucky for me, I don’t have to talk much because I don’t think I can stand keeping a secret that I am training to be a sorcerer!’ Kathryn thought. Kathryn locked the door of her room and searched for her study books from Sorcerer School in her luggage. Then, Kathryn remembered that she had left her sorcerer books inside a plastic bag downstairs. ‘No, no, no!’ Kathryn shouted in her head. Kathryn decided to lose her mom’s suspicion by turning into a snake, grabbing the plastic bag and going back upstairs. Kathryn thought about it but she remembered the rules: No doing magic in the outer zone which is the place where commoners like her family lived in. Kathryn decided to slowly walk downstairs. ‘There it is!’ Kathryn thought as she saw the plastic bag lying in the ground, just about 10 feet away from her mom who was washing the dishes. Kathryn tiptoed on the floor very quietly and grabbed the plastic bag. Then, she went back upstairs, not noticing that she accidentally dropped a magic book called "Easy steps to do Magic" on the side of the stairs. Kathryn went back to her room and practiced magic for the rest of the afternoon.

"Kathryn, it’s dinnertime! Can you open the door and we’ll eat dinner." Mrs. Lillian said gently outside Kathryn’s door. ‘I hope I don’t have to talk a lot because I’m trusted to keep a secret that I am a sorcerer and I am studying at Sorcerer School.’ Kathryn thought in her head as she opened the door. Kathryn plastered a big smile on her face and went down the stairs.

When Kathryn sat down at the dining table, she noticed that her mom had cooked up a feast fit for 10 people. "Wow! I’m hungry but I’m not that hungry, mom. I don’t think I can finish everything." Kathryn said, surprised of the many delicious food in front of her on the table.

"Don’t be silly, Kathryn! These foods are not all for you! I’ve invited our family and some friends to come here and eat with us together." Mrs. Lillian said joyfully, not noticing Kathryn’s unhappy face.

"Ding, Dong!" The doorbell sounded, making Kathryn jump while Kathryn’s mom was already opening the door. The first one to come in was Jason which is Kathryn’s annoying cousin and his orange and yellow- colored cat, followed by Aunt Amy, Uncle Ben, Lila and Lola which are twins, Grandpa Tom in his wheelchair, Grandma Clarissa, Bella White which is Kathryn’s neighbor and her mother, Mrs. Tiffany White.

‘I like my family a lot but this is a nightmare for a girl that is keeping a big secret and has to meet her family which is definitely going to ask a lot of questions!’ Kathryn thought. "Kathy, where have you been in these past few months?" Grandpa Tom asked, completely unaware that Mrs. Lillian had just told him where Kathryn was through the phone yesterday.

Kathryn opened her mouth to reply even if her nickname which is Kathy is annoying but her mom had beaten her to it. "As I’ve told most of you, Kathryn got a scholarship at a Summer School Camp and she’s been studying there in these past few months." Kathryn’s mom answered.

Kathryn took a sip from her glass of water and screamed. Something furry was itching her foot. "Get your cat away from me, Jason. It’s weird and you should learn to control it!" Kathryn said loudly as Jason’s cat huddled around her foot.

"Kathryn, be nice!" Kathryn’s mom said quietly and sternly, holding a tight grip on Kathryn’s hand from under the table. Kathryn wanted to argue but to be polite, she nodded silently. The whole room was silent for a moment until Bella White asked Kathryn: "So what did you do in the Summer School Camp?"

Kathryn stopped moving and slowly fixed her gaze on Bella. "I’ve been studying real hard to pass every grade. Of course I learned other activities such as gardening." Kathryn said, not lying. After all, she did study hard and learn on how to do gardening.

"Kathy, I hope that you could go back to Rose Academy. You’ll go to school there and meet your friends again."Aunt Amy said while Uncle Ben nodded.

"Sure!" Kathryn agreed which sounded more like a question. Kathryn didn’t want to go back to her school, she didn’t want to meet her school bullies and she didn’t want to study hard. But it was too late to say anything else. What’s done is done unless Kathryn did the undo spell but that was sadly against the law.

The next day, Kathryn was dreading herself over school. ‘30 minutes until doomsday!’ Haley thought in her head as she prepared herself for the holiday program at Rose Academy which will start in 30 minutes.

"Kathryn, it’s almost school time. Start eating your breakfast please." Mrs. Lillian said sweetly.

"Yes mom, I’m coming downstairs!" Kathryn replied back. Kathryn wore her casual clothes: a cream-colored shirt with a pink jacket with flower shaped swirls and a dark pink- colored skirt. Kathryn opened the door of the bathroom and rushed downstairs to the dining table.

‘Hmm, should I eat cereal or butter biscuits?’ Kathryn thought for a moment. "I think I’ll get the cereal instead." Kathryn said to herself. After breakfast, Kathryn’s mom drove Kathryn to school.

"Kriing...Kriing...!" The school bell ringed. Just as Kathryn remembered, Rose Academy’s school bell was loud and noisy.

Kathryn turned to the left and entered the classroom. "Back to the old days, I guess!" Kathryn muttered under her breath.

"Hi, Kathryn! It’s good to see you!" Ms. Tamara said to Kathryn. Ms. Tamara had been the form teacher of Kathryn’s class for many years. This is the 5th year that she teaches Kathryn’s class.

"Ms. Tamara! It’s good to see you to!" Kathryn squealed.

"Excuse me, students! Today, Kathryn Silverwood will be joining us in studying. I do hope that you treat her well." Ms. Tamara said to the class, announcing Kathryn’s arrival.

"Oh, yeah! The scared, whimpering Kathryn!" Tobias said, sitting in his chair, leaning to the wall as if he forgot the incident with Kathryn just before Kathryn went to the Summer School Camp (Sorcerer School).

"Tobias, behave!" Ms. Tamara warned. Tobias chuckled with his friends and put on a sly smile.

First period passed and Ms. Tamara left. A few minutes later, a teacher entered. She was tall and wore dark sunglasses.

"Good morning students! I am Ms. Claire and I am your substitute teacher for English." The teacher said coldly without a hint of kindness or a smile.

During the lessons, Ms. Claire kept on drinking something red like blood or tomato juice from a plastic bottle. ‘Is she a vampire?’ Kathryn thought silently as she watched Ms. Claire.

After the lesson, Kathryn went to the canteen to eat lunch. To Kathryn’s dismay, the cafeteria was serving pumpkin stew. Disgusting was the only word that Kathryn could think of when she carried the pumpkin stew to one of the nearest cafeteria tables. The stew looked like those dark, sewer waters and there were very ripe pieces of pumpkins mixed in the soup.

Tobias passed Kathryn’s table a few times to insult her and left with his friends. Then, Penelope, Kathryn’s former classmate in Rose Academy came to chat with Kathryn.

"Hi, Kathryn! I was wondering if you could come to my birthday party this upcoming Friday. It would be great if we could hang out together, you know?" Penelope asked welcomingly.

Kathryn knew that she had to attend a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant in China Street, block 24 and couldn’t come to Penelope’s party because it was in the same day as her family dinner. Unfortunately, before thinking over, Kathryn blurted out: "Sure, I’ll be there!"

When Penelope left, Kathryn wanted to kick herself. It was a foolish thing that she had done just now, saying things before thinking first. But what’s done is done and Kathryn can’t do anything about it.

Lunch period was already over and Kathryn rushed to Ms. Yale’s class, which is art class. They were supposed to finish drawing and designing fashion gowns and clothes, complete with accessories by the end of the period. This was a lesson that was near and dear to Kathryn’s heart and she began drawing, full of concentration and happiness. When art class was over, Ms. Yale let everyone go home but told Kathryn to stay at school.

Kathryn was really worried, what if she failed and messed up at class? Kathryn looked at her fashion clothes design and thought that it looked lovely but she might be wrong about it. Soon, Ms. Yale said in a stern voice: "You have done an inexcusable thing in class and I have had it with your attitude!"

"What?" Kathryn exclaimed in a state-of-total-shock. She hadn’t done anything wrong in class, or did she?

Suddenly, Ms. Yale looked at Kathryn and bit her own lip to avoid laughing. But it was no use, Ms. Yale laughed anyway. Then, after laughing several times, Ms. Yale explained: "Sorry for my unusual behavior Kathryn but I’m just so excited. I have some good news to tell you. Last week, I submitted everyone’s past art work- including your past fashion design-to the Fashion and Art institute that will select a student from every school to participate in a fashion design competition, representing their school and getting a chance to win funds for their school. And guess what, you were chosen to represent this school!"

"Wow!" Kathryn could only manage to say that after hearing the news. "But when is it held?" Kathryn added to satisfy her curiosity.

"Precisely this Friday, the competition will be held in Chinese Street, block 29 and it will start at 7.30 at night." Ms. Yale announced and answered Kathryn’s question at the same time.

Kathryn nodded slowly and uttered worriedly: "O-okay!" After Kathryn said that, she gave the papers with the fashion designs from her art file and gave it to Ms. Yale. Ms. Yale left the room shortly after telling Kathryn that the fashion designs will be turned into real clothes by tailors so all Kathryn had to do was show up to the competition and explains her fashion clothes with a model by her side, modeling the fashion clothes to people.

As soon as school ended and Kathryn arrived home, Kathryn rushed to her bedroom and tossed herself headfirst to her soft bed. "How am I supposed to do all 3 activities at the same time?" Kathryn said to herself in a muffled voice, due to her mouth being covered by the pillow.

By dinner time, Kathryn was too frustrated to eat. Suddenly, Kathryn’s mom asked: "Kathryn, I found this book and I thought that I should return it to you. By the way, what’s that book for?" Kathryn’s mom asked while handing the book to Kathryn.

Kathryn looked up at her mom and saw the book. It was the ‘Easy steps to learn magic’ book of spells that Kathryn accidentally dropped at the stairs. Kathryn gulped and lied: "Oh, that! It’s nothing really. My friend gave it to me as a joke. Ha-ha-ha!" Kathryn tried to laugh but it came out as a croak. After an awkward pause, Kathryn finished her food and went back inside her bedroom. ‘That was close!’ Kathryn thought.

Suddenly, Kathryn had an idea. She decided that she could brew up a transporter potion and use it to transport herself from different places to another place on Friday night, so that she could attend all 3 events at once. But then again, there was another problem. Where would she get the ingredients? If only Ms. Christina or Ms. Virtuana could suddenly magically appear and lend Kathryn their personal ingredient cabinet. Unfortunately, it would take a miracle for that to happen. Soon, Kathryn was frowning again.

The next day, Kathryn went to her school super-early. When Kathryn was skipping through the halls, she heard a voice coming from inside of her classroom and peeked through the keyhole of her class door. There was Ms. Claire inside. It wasn’t something unusual, considering that English- led by Ms. Claire- was her first period in class for today. Suddenly, Ms. Claire’s wavy blonde hair turned brown and her yellow and brown- colored clothes turned black. And standing right in front of Kathryn now, was Ms. Virtuana.

"Ms. Virtuana?" Kathryn asked loudly as she entered the classroom, unable to hide her shock. After a few seconds trying to reason with Kathryn, she dropped her head and said quietly: "Yes, it’s me."

"What are you doing here, Ms. Virtuana?" Kathryn asked.

"Ms. Christina sent me here to look after you. She said that she sensed that you were having a difficulty at doing something. What’s the problem?" Ms. Virtuana explained and asked.

"You see, there’s this potion that I want to make. It’s a transporter potion at it can transport me to different places so I can participate in a competition, go to my friend’s party and join my family dinner at the same time." Kathryn explained as clear as possible.

"I see. And you need...." Ms. Virtuana began.

"...The ingredients for the potion which would require a mandrake’s root, wisteria seeds, a drop of water from the fountain of youth, and a feather from a pegasus wing."Kathryn continued.

"I can see that you paid attention to potion mixing class. And, yes, I will help you!" Ms. Virtuana said as her lips curved into a small smile. Soon, class began and Kathryn waited until the class ended because it was the time when Ms. Virtuana was going to give Kathryn the ingredients.

As soon as the bell rang, Ms. Virtuana dug into her black bag and gave Kathryn the ingredients, explaining that she had collected it a few years ago.

Kathryn said thank you and prepared for the next lessons. After a tiring day of learning at school, Kathryn rushed home and went to her room. Kathryn was planning to make the potion today because it required at least 15 hours for the potion to be finished brewing.

Kathryn took out her cauldron from under her bed and started placing the ingredients inside. After locking the door to be safe, Kathryn chanted spells to make the potion hidden to the eyes of a non-sorcerer folk: "Feathers, seeds and mandrake root, add a drop from the fountain of youth, close it from prying eyes and hide the truth!"

Usually, most spells have rhymes in them. So Kathryn tried her best to make the spell right. At first, nothing happened. Then, the cauldron began to shimmer and had a bright, yellow glow. ‘It worked!’ Kathryn thought with glee.

Kathryn left the potion for a while and said to herself: "Let’s see, I’ll go with my parents first tomorrow to the Chinese restaurant. After a few greetings to my family, I’ll transport myself to the design competition from the restroom or somewhere. When nobody is looking, I will transport myself to my friend’s birthday party. And I’ll keep on transporting myself like that, until the events are over."

After thinking for a while, Kathryn added: "Or maybe I should just tell my mom about me being a sorcerer and these upcoming events but I’m not sure she would believe, much less help me, if I tell her anyway. Maybe I should just keep it a secret. It’s for their own good anyway."

The next day, Kathryn prepared her clothes to bring for the various events that will take place tonight. It would’ve been easier to use the transporting shoes, but then again, Sorcerer School was closed for holiday. Kathryn brought her dress for Penelope’s birthday party. Penelope said that the theme for her birthday party is going to be about flowers so Kathryn decided to wear a yellow dress with pink rose patterns which reached down to her knees. For the fashion design competition and family dinner, Kathryn decided to wear something smart and casual: a white skirt and a pink blouse with a silver scarf on her neck. Kathryn packed her clothes inside a bag. After casting a spell to avoid getting her outfits crumpled, Kathryn went to school. Every second that passed, Kathryn was getting more and more nervous.

After what seemed like ages, school ended and Kathryn went home. The potion finished brewing just as Kathryn went to her room. Kathryn placed the potion into the same bag as her outfits were and hid her cauldron again. Kathryn prepared for her family dinner and wore her smart and casual outfit that she had prepared.

Mrs. Lillian and Kathryn went to the Chinese restaurant and greeted the rest of the members of her family. As planned, Kathryn went to the restroom, dropped 3 drops of liquid on top of her head and she was transported to the fashion competition.

"Excuse me, are you Ms. Kathryn?" A man in a weird French-like voice asked Kathryn. Judging by the man’s stylish outfit, the man must be one of the judges of the fashion competition.

"Oh, yes. I am." Kathryn replied, a bit shy and nervous. The man led her to the auditorium that was used for the competition. Kathryn could see lots of other students, mostly girls, wearing absolutely stylish outfits that made Kathryn feel out of place. Kathryn met the girl who was modeling for her outfit and introduced herself.

Since the show started in another twenty minutes, Kathryn went to the changing room and wore the flower dress for Penelope’s party. Kathryn transported herself to Penelope’s party place which is at China Street, block 28.

"Kathryn, welcome!" Penelope’s said in an ear-breaking voice.

"Oh, hi Penelope! Sorry for being late. The party looks great!" Kathryn replied, being as cheerful as possible.

"Don’t worry! The party just started. You want to head out to the fruit punch table?" Penelope asked, inviting Kathryn to join her.

"Sure! I need to go to the restroom, so I’ll catch up with you in a few minutes!" Kathryn said, as she rushed towards the restroom.

Kathryn transported herself back to the Chinese restaurant after changing back to her casual and smart outfit. Kathryn rushed to her family’s table and she could see that the food was already served.

"Kathryn, where have you been? You were supposed to be back here 10 minutes ago!" Mrs. Lillian scolded Kathryn in a quiet voice.

"Is everything alright?" Aunt Amy asked Kathryn and Mrs. Lillian. Mrs. Lillian looked up and plastered a big smile in her face, replying: "Of course!"

Kathryn ate a few dumplings and thought hard on how to provide a distraction so that she could go to the fashion competition that was going to start in 3 minutes. Suddenly, an idea popped into Kathryn’s head like a tree being struck by a lightning. With one hand pointing towards the kitchen, Kathryn sent a trolley filled with raw prawns towards their table. The trolley bumped towards Kathryn’s table and made a sudden halt, causing the ball of prawns to be tossed midair and land on Grandma Clarissa’s head.

"Oh!" Grandma Clarissa gasped in amazement but after a split second, she threw a fit. If there is one thing Kathryn knew about her Grandma, it’s that she can threw a fit to anyone who dared annoy her.

"Where is the manager? I want to speak to him immediately!" Grandma Clarissa screamed to the waitress unforgivably.

‘Poor waitress, she did nothing wrong.’ Kathryn thought as she bit her lip. It was mostly Kathryn’s fault and Kathryn should be ashamed by now, but even if Kathryn won’t admit it, Kathryn was very happy to be able to perform magic as advanced as that. Every sorcerer knew that only Grade 8 sorcerer’s can perform magic with only their bare hands, but Kathryn had done it and she was in Grade 6.

Using the opportunity, Kathryn slipped away and transported herself just in time for the fashion competition to begin.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 27th fashion competition! I am Mr. Toby McKilliney, your host for today. Without further ado, I give you Ms. Feilicia and her fashion designs!" The host of the performance announced to the crowd, in a loud and clear voice.

Since there was at least 3 or 4 more competitors to show their designs before it was Kathryn’s turn, Kathryn decided to change her smart and casual clothes to the party clothes and go to Penelope’s party first. Kathryn transported herself and arrived at her friend’s party.

"Kathryn, where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you! Come on, let’s sing in the stage like old times during my parties in the past!" Penelope said loudly. Before hearing Kathryn reply, Penelope had already dragged Kathryn to the stage. Kathryn was handed over the microphone and Kathryn began singing.

Even if Kathryn hadn’t been practicing singing for a while, her voice was recommendable. Kathryn still sang normally, even though her body was shaking because it was almost time for Kathryn to show her fashions.

After singing a few songs, Kathryn told Penelope that she was going to get a cup of fruit punch. Kathryn raced down the stage and transported herself to the fashion competition after changing her outfit.

Kathryn arrived a few seconds earlier before the host announced that it was Kathryn’s turn to show her fashion designs. Kathryn entered the stage with her model and took the microphone.

‘Well, here it goes!’ Kathryn thought to herself as she saw the thousands of audiences looking straight at her. The press and paparazzi were in the front row, taking photos and making notes about Kathryn’s fashion design.

"Greetings valued guests! My name is Kathryn Silverwood and I proudly present to you my fashion design." Kathryn started to explain while the model did a few poses. Everyone seemed pleased with Kathryn’s design and even Kathryn herself was proud. It truly was a stunning dress. The dress was aquamarine blue and had sapphire diamonds sewed into it, making it sparkly in the spotlight. There were curves of dark blue ribbons in the dress, making a big, rose-like pattern in the dress.

"I name this dress ‘Midnight Glamour’ because its aquamarine matches with the atmosphere of the night and has a touch of elegance and glamour by sewing the sapphires into it." Kathryn explained further. Kathryn agreed that the name was a bit silly but she really didn’t have time to come up with a better name.

After a few seconds, the audience clapped and gave a standing ovation to Kathryn. Kathryn bowed and rushed down the stage. Kathryn quickly transported herself to the Chinese restaurant after she checked what time will the decision of the judges be ready.

In the wink of an eye, Kathryn was back to the Chinese restaurant’s restroom. Kathryn rushed to her family’s dinner table, only to find her mother with a scowl plastered in her face.

"Listen Kathryn, I don’t know what’s wrong with you today but you are acting really weird. It’s as if you had other things to do than eating dinner with your family." Mrs. Lillian scowled and mouthed the words quietly to Kathryn.

"Mom, it’s not that. I have something to tell you, you see-"Kathryn began explaining about what she was doing but her mom was not listening to Kathryn’s reply.

After eating the Chinese delicacy, Kathryn crawled away and transported herself to her friend’s party. Kathryn was going to explain to Penelope that she was leaving because of a family matter. After all, she did have a family matter to attend to and that meant that she wasn’t fully lying. Kathryn changed her outfit to her party clothes first before approaching Penelope.

When Kathryn found Penelope, she said: "Penelope, I have to go now! I have a family matter to attend to."

Surprisingly, Penelope replied: "Okay, but at least eat some cake first!" Kathryn nodded and ate a slice of cake as fast as she could and changed her outfit. Then, she transported herself to her family’s dinner table.

Kathryn couldn’t eat anything else after eating some cake in her friend’s party earlier. When nobody was looking, Kathryn transported herself to the fashion show to hear the results of the competition.

"And the winner of the 27th fashion competition is .......Kathryn Silverwood!" The host announced in an excited tone.

Kathryn couldn’t believe her ears. Kathryn went up the stage to receive the certificate and trophy. After a few photos, Kathryn left the stage. She went to a corner and casted a spell to transport the trophy and certificate to her bedroom so her family wouldn’t know that she joined the competition. She chanted: "Wild winds that travel at night, take this objects to my room and away from people’s sight!" With that, the winds picked up the objects and took it to Kathryn’s bedroom.

Kathryn transported herself back to the Chinese restaurant’s restroom. Without delay, Kathryn reached the door of the restroom to exit and go to her family’s dinner table. Just as Kathryn was about to turn the door handle, a voice behind Kathryn asked: "Where have you been?"

Kathryn turned and saw her mother, waiting for an explanation. "Mom, before you scold me, please listen to my reason." Kathryn said softly.

"I don’t think there’s anything else to explain. You have clearly been going in and out of the restroom. Is it because you hate our family dinner?" Kathryn’s mother asked.

"No mom, that’s not it. You see, I’m a .....sorcerer!" Kathryn whispered.

"What? Come on Kathryn, you know that magic doesn’t exist!" Kathryn’s mother replied.

Kathryn shook her head and said: "Well then, if you don’t believe me, I’ll just have to show you!" As soon as Kathryn said that, Kathryn casted a spell: "Water from the toilet sinks, turn into a coffee drink!" Kathryn approached the sink, turned the handle over and showed her mother that was flowing from the tap had turned into a coffee drink.

"I can’t believe it! This is so amazing! You can now help me with the chores and cook dinner with your power of magic!" Kathryn’s mom exclaimed in excitement.

"Mom, there’s also something you need to do because you have already known my secret. You must keep it a secret and never tell anyone." Kathryn warned as she was afraid that she might get kicked out from Sorcerer School from only telling a big secret.

"No way! Everyone has to know so we’ll be famous!" Kathryn’s mother replied. But when Kathryn’s mother saw Kathryn worried and sad expression, she quickly said: "But maybe we shouldn’t tell anyone, it’s for their own good anyway!"

"Thanks mom!" Kathryn replied happily. After the family dinner, Kathryn explained everything that had happened that night and Kathryn’s mom kept on saying that Kathryn should’ve told her earlier so that she could help Kathryn. Since that day, Kathryn now learnt a lesson that people can always trust their family. After all, there’s no one you can trust more than a family.

The End

(Penulis saat ini sekolah di SIS Kebun Jeruk, Grade 6)