Kathryn Silverwood - Part 3: Sorcerer Test

31 Maret 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

The next day, Kathryn was woken up by Belinda. "Kathryn, wake up! Come on, we need to go to the cafeteria early to hear Ms. Christina’s super big announcement!" Belinda shouted excitedly, "I don’t know what it’s about, but it’s definitely something big!" Kathryn opened her eyes and prepared to go to the cafeteria. She was always woken up by Belinda every morning.

At the cafeteria, Kathryn and Belinda sat down on the two chairs nearest to them and saw the cafeteria table filled with fresh orange juice, crispy bacon and warm bread. Kathryn and Belinda had only eaten for 5 minutes when they stopped to hear Ms. Christina’s announcement. Ms. Christina said: "I would like to tell you all that the Sorcerer Test is going take place in the next two weeks. You will also be tested in other subjects too. The marks that you get from the other subjects act as bonus points for your total mark. The total mark will determine if you can proceed to a higher level of sorcerer education. So, please prepare!"

"No, no! This cannot be happening! I don’t want to take the test!" Belinda wailed silently. Kathryn patted Belinda in the back softly. Kathryn knew that students hate exams but they have to do it whatever happens.

Soon, it was class time and Belinda and Kathryn studied Cauldron Mixing, Dark Magic and Flying class. They studied and did reviews after class during their excess time because if they fail, they would not be able to get to senior class.

Kathryn asked Belinda curiously: "Belinda, what do you think will come up during the exam?"

"There are usually 3 tests, 1 about Cauldron Mixing, another is about Herbal Science and the last one is about dark Magic." Belinda explained.

"How did you know?" Kathryn asked Belinda suspiciously.

Belinda gave Kathryn a wink and replied: "My sister told me in exchange for my hairclip. Anyway, what should we do now?"

"Maybe we should spend some time at the school garden to find out more about the different types of plants to make it easier for us to do the Herbal Science exam!" Kathryn suggested.

"Good idea, Kathryn!" Belinda agreed, "Let’s go to the garden now!" Kathryn and Belinda walked down to the garden and entered it. They started to study and analyze plants with different shapes and sizes.

"Oh look, a Pegasus! That’s the school’s messenger, you know Kathryn!" Belinda exclaimed, pointing at a small stable just a few meters from the garden.

"Wow! It’s so beautiful," Kathryn remarked, "Let’s go see it closer." Belinda nodded and they both came closer to the Pegasus.

Kathryn touched the horse’s muzzle and Belinda stroked the horse’s neck. The Pegasus was white with magnificent blue feathered wings. There was a bag filled with letters bearing the initials S.S which stands for Sorcerer School on the horse’s back. Soon, Ms. Layla, the assistant of Ms. Christina walked towards the horse. She wore a blue dress made from silk and a pair of white high heels. She snatched the bag of letters from the horse and walked back inside the school, without even greeting Kathryn or Belinda.

"Why is Ms. Layla so mad?" Kathryn asked. Belinda put her hand on Kathryn’s shoulder and said: "I heard that Ms. Layla had a moonbird once. It was her favorite bird at her office. One day, a student walked into her office and accidentally made the bird escape. Since that day, Ms. Layla locked her office door and never liked students again."Kathryn just stood there nodding her head, shocked by the story that Belinda told her. After touching the horse a few times, they left. During their way back, Ms. Christina’s voice boomed through the speaker: students, please remember that your art test will be on next week, as well as the other subjects."

Kathryn’s best subject was herbal science while Belinda’s best subject was cauldron mixing. So, they both exchanged tips for different subjects. After studying a lot, the test for different subjects finally came. Since the first one was art test, they had to go to the art room. The test was to make an animal that represents power to go out of the materials given: a magic paintbrush and a few paints. There were walls in the classroom that separate the students to prevent them from copying each other. Kathryn knew that she should draw an owl because it represents being wise and open-minded. She started with gentle strokes on the owl’s ear and curved shapes on the owl’s eyes. As soon as she finished painting the owl, it came to life. The rest of the classmates have finished their paintings too, which came to life. Belinda made a monkey which represents cleverness, Victoria made a peacock which represents immortality, Krystabel made a dog which represents loyalty while Natalie, a girl with frizzy black hair, made a snake which represents energy.

When the test was finished, the sun was already setting. Kathryn and Belinda used the time by making hot chocolate drinks and drinking it outside, in the garden. They sat at the perfectly manicured grass, watching the sun set. They chatted about the tests and the amazing view of the sun setting. Soon, it was dinnertime and they both went to the cafeteria again, while wondering what the test might be tomorrow. They studied in their dorm rooms once they were done and slept at precisely 9: 30.

The next day, Kathryn and Belinda woke up. They were still sleepy but they dragged themselves out of bed. They prepared themselves for breakfast. Kathryn heard Victoria boasting loud enough for the whole cafeteria to hear that she will definitely get the highest score after the tests. Kathryn didn’t say anything after hearing Victoria boasting. Besides, if Victoria didn’t get the highest score after the tests, she will feel ashamed herself and from there she will learn a valuable lesson.

Today was a tough day for Kathryn and Belinda because they have to take 2 tests: the flying test and the Health Magic. As soon as the clock struck 7: 30, Belinda and Kathryn were already holding their flying brooms in the field, waiting for the test to begin. Soon, the teacher, Ms. Caitlyn announced loudly to the class: "Good morning, students! Your test will be to race using your brooms across the obstacle course I have prepared for you all!"

Since the first batch of contestants was Kathryn, Victoria, Nouri and Deandra, they waited at the starting line. Beyond the starting line was a tunnel. The flag was waved and the race began. Kathryn gave a strong kick to the ground and she flew inside the tunnel. Nouri was leading in the race while Kathryn was second. The first obstacle came. They had to pass sleeping arrows being shot at every 30 seconds from the side of each wall. Nouri was so worried that she might not get good marks that she began to lose concentration and got hit by a sleeping arrow. Nouri dozed off and fell off her broom. Kathryn did a few twists to the right and the left, stopping at certain moments to avoid getting hit by those arrows. Now, Kathryn was leading the race with Deandra and Victoria behind her. The next obstacle came. They had to pass a tunnel dragon. It was big with razor sharp claws that can dig 30 meters per minute. Its scaly skin was blue with small white dots on its back. Its mouth was large enough to fit in a normal-sized fridge. Kathryn dove down avoiding its mouth and got blocked by the tunnel dragon’s long tail. Victoria shifted to the side as the tunnel dragon lunged at her and managed to escape the second obstacle. Kathryn decided to go up above the dragons head slowly from the side as Deandra distracted the dragon. Kathryn managed to escape while Deandra was still busy trying to face the dragon. Now, the only players left in the race were Victoria and Kathryn. Kathryn zoomed closer and closer to Victoria trying to win. Victoria glanced back at Kathryn with a disgusted look on her face and threw a small invisible gas bomb at Kathryn. The gas bomb hit Kathryn in the face making Kathryn unable to see until the end of the race. As a result, Victoria won 1st place and Kathryn won 2nd place. When the race ended, Kathryn was able to see again. Belinda ran to Kathryn and asked: "Are you okay? Everyone saw you struggling to control the broom when you and Victoria were near the finish line!"

"Well, Victoria threw a gas bomb at me when we were nearing the finish line. I’m a little disappointed because I expected Victoria to have more sportsmanship spirit!" Kathryn explained to Belinda, feeling disappointed and a little hurt. Before Belinda could say anything else, the teacher had called her to get ready for the next batch’s race. Belinda gave a sympathetic shrug and left. Kathryn marched straight to Victoria. Kathryn was going to ask Victoria why she did those things during the race. At that moment, Victoria was still bragging with her friends about her victory in the race. Kathryn called Victoria’s name several time but there was no response. Finally, Kathryn tapped at Victoria’s shoulder and Victoria looked back, clearly irritated at Kathryn’s interference. Kathryn tried keeping her face natural because she was feeling more hurt and upset because of Victoria’s rude behavior. Kathryn thought that maybe Victoria had changed her attitude and became kinder.

Victoria pretended that nothing ever happened until Kathryn started to ask: "Why did you throw a gas bomb at me during the race? Did I do anything to you that made you do that to me in the race?"

"Kathryn dear, what are you talking about? I didn’t do anything in the race. I won fair and square." Victoria replied calmly, acting all innocent and batting her clearly fake eyelashes.

"Victoria, I’m serious. Please don’t lie. Just tell me really why you did that to me in the race. I’m asking you because I want to increase our friendship." Kathryn begged Victoria to tell her why.

"How dare you ask me like that? You are clearly not worthy of my presence. Don’t ever come to me like that again and ask me such a silly question!" Victoria whispered threateningly at Kathryn, making sure no one heard her say that to Kathryn.

"Victoria, I didn’t mean to upset you. I just wanted to -" Kathryn started to talk, but before she could say anything else, Victoria had walked away already.

Kathryn told Belinda all that had happened during the flying class on their way to the cafeteria. They were supposed to have another test of Health Magic after a quick lunch at the cafeteria. Kathryn and Belinda sat together in one of the cafeteria tables. Suddenly, the window of the cafeteria smashed apart, a moonbird had crashed it from outside of the cafeteria and it landed on Kathryn’s lap. Kathryn was surprised. She slowly patted the moonbird and felt something on its neck. Kathryn pushed the blue feathers of the moonbird revealing a collar that read: sky. "It’s Ms. Layla’s moonbird!" Kathryn announced. Kathryn quickly brought the bird to Ms. Layla’s office, hoping that the return of the bird will make Ms. Layla happy again. Kathryn knocked on the door and opened it. She gave the moonbird to Ms. Layla. Ms. Layla gasped and the bird flew to her. Ms. Layla was still saying thank you and smiling when Kathryn left. Soon, the bell rang and they both went to the gym. The Health magic teacher, Mr. Trevor asked the students to do the following obstacles: balance on a beam, run and do a cartwheel, hanging on the long ropes and finally, jumping on short fences. Kathryn and the rest of the students did the following but some of them fell when hanging on the long ropes. Thanks to Kathryn’s skating ability which gives her extra agility during Health Magic, she passed the test with flying colors.

Right after Health Magic, Kathryn and Belinda went to the Cauldron Mixing class with Belinda to practice Cauldron Mixing for next week’s sorcerer test. "Do you think we should try to do the protection potion? I mean, it’s one of the hardest potions to make. We might be tested to make that!" Kathryn asked in an excited voice.

"I don’t know, I mean where would we even get the ingredients?" Belinda replied Kathryn with another question. Belinda was worried that Kathryn would really make the protection potion because if Kathryn usually wants something, she has the tendency to do it.

"We could always borrow the ingredients from Ms. Virtuana’s personal cabinet." Kathryn replied playfully. At that moment, Victoria was walking in the hallway quietly and listened to what Kathryn had said.

"No way am I going to do those things again! We already agreed to never do it again after the ice skating competition last term. And we might get into trouble!" Belinda said quickly. Kathryn looked at Belinda and nodded sadly. Soon, Victoria left with a devious smile on her face.

"You’re right! If we want to study for the test, we have to do it fairly and without cheating or stealing things!" Kathryn agreed.

Soon, it was already dinner time and Kathryn ate. Belinda was not hungry so she went back to her dorm room to study again alone. Suddenly, Diana, the classmate of Kathryn, sat beside Kathryn and told her that the test was moved to this week, 3 days from now. Kathryn felt shocked and stopped eating. She left the cafeteria and began sprinting quickly to her dorm room. She opened the door and told Belinda everything. Belinda said: "How can these happen? The rules of the school say that the teachers cannot change the date of the test because that was final already! We need to talk to Ms. Christina!"

They both ran to Ms. Christina’s office and knocked on the door. Seconds later, there was a click sound and the door opened. Belinda and Kathryn saw Ms. Virtuana and Ms. Layla standing close to Ms. Christina. Then, Belinda bravely explained everything. Ms. Christina replied in a wise voice: "I understand your concern Belinda but it isn’t my fault that someone broke into Ms. Virtuana’s personal cabinet and stole a few things. She needs to buy the ingredients next week at the Sorcery Shop which only opens next week and can’t be the judge for the test. So we are moving it to this week. And Victoria says that you were the ones that had stolen the ingredients because she saw you in the cauldron mixing room."

"Ms. Christina, Belinda and I did go to the cauldron mixing room but we didn’t steal anything!" Kathryn explained.

"I read in the book of master spells that you can find who stole the ingredients using the clue spell to find hidden footprints and other clues."Belinda suggested.

"I suppose I could use the spell and try to find the real thief. Anyway, you will not be punished yet until you are proven to be the thief." Ms. Christina said.

The next few days, Kathryn and Belinda studied hard to prepare for the test the best they can. Soon, the day of the test came and all of the students were prepared already.

The first one to be tested was Kathryn so she went in the cauldron mixing room. "You will make the sleeping potion. You have 30 minutes to make it. Start now!" said Ms. Susan Hayden, the cauldron mixing teacher.

Kathryn nodded and began. She remembered the ingredients well because it was her favorite potion. Kathryn grabbed a spoonful of wishful thinking, a glass of enchanted liquid and 3 tablespoons of puffy dream clouds. Kathryn mixed the ingredients well and the mixture inside the cauldron turned glittery blue from lime green. When the time was up, Kathryn had finished the test. She passed and she was delighted. Kathryn took a quick lunch of wagyu burgers and apple juice before going to the second test.

Kathryn’s second test was about herbal science so she went to the greenhouse. There was Ms. Katrina holding a weird looking plant which has long sharp fangs at the tip of its flowers. As soon as Ms. Katrina saw Kathryn, she put down the plant, arranging it in a line with several other weird plants. "You will be given a piece of paper and you have to write the name of each plant that you pass in this path. I will give you 1 minute to answer the name of every plant starting from now!" Ms. Katrina announced.

The first plant that Kathryn saw has silver leaves with golden flowers. Kathryn immediately recognized the plant, it was the hardstone plant. It was one of the most expensive plants in the sorcerer world. The next plant had stems that look like it was twirling in circles and it can change colors. Kathryn knew that the plant was none other than the chameleon plant. The other plants were also exotic and mostly weird, but Kathryn knew the rest of the names of the plants as well. When Kathryn was done, she gave the piece of paper to Ms. Katrina and left.

Kathryn walked in the hallways quickly so that she wouldn’t miss her last test on that day, the dark magic test. Kathryn went to the dark science lab. Ms. Virtuana was waiting there already. "You will be sent to the Dark Woods to find the shadow horse within 1 hour. If you fail to find the horse, you will fail your test. I will send you there right now!" Ms. Virtuana explained as she waved her long, twisty wand at Kathryn. One second Kathryn was still at the dark science lab, and the next thing Kathryn knew was that she was now in the Dark Woods. Kathryn had learned that shadow horses are very sensitive and that it will be attracted to anything that shows kindness and politeness. Kathryn took a deep breath and opened her eyes when she heard something behind her. Kathryn ran at that direction and felt a little scared. Kathryn could see the shadow of the horse from behind a tree. "Come closer! It’s okay, I won’t hurt you!" Kathryn said politely, hoping that her polite words would show the shadow horse that she wasn’t any threat. The shadow horse came closer to Kathryn and now she could see what it really looked like. It was a black colored horse with long, grey hair. It stopped in front of Kathryn with a calm look on its face. Suddenly, Kathryn felt a little scared which made the horse uncomfortable and started to neigh loudly. Kathryn tried saying stop to the horse but no words came out of her mouth. The horse almost kicked Kathryn in the stomach using its hind legs, Kathryn felt surprised and she fell. It was a blurry vision when Kathryn tried to open her eyes. The horse was standing in front of Kathryn. The horse neighed several times at Kathryn and Kathryn felt the urge to calm the horse down because the horse was just as scared as she was. Kathryn slowly rose up and said softly at the horse: "Calm down! My name is Kathryn and I’m from Sorcerer School. You don’t need to be afraid of me because I won’t hurt you!" The horse stopped neighing and came closer to Kathryn, feeling more comfortable. Kathryn grabbed a very strong vine from a nearby tree and tied it to the horse’s neck to be used as a collar. Seconds later, there was a blinding flash and Kathryn was transported back with the shadow horse. "Well done, Kathryn! You have caught the shadow horse just in time! You may now go back to your dorm room and rest. The scores will be announced tomorrow at breakfast!" Ms. Virtuana said proudly. Kathryn was already sweating hard and thirsty when she reached her dorm room. She saw Belinda in there already and smiled. Kathryn took a quick bath and tied her hair into a ponytail. Then, she talked about her tests with Belinda during dinner time. But since Belinda and Kathryn were already tired, they soon stopped talking. Luckily, Deandra sat next to Kathryn and cheered them up by telling jokes. After dinner, they went back to their dorm rooms. It was a really tiring day and Kathryn and Belinda went to sleep after that in their dorm rooms.

The next day, Krystabel woke Belinda and Kathryn at 7 o’clock for breakfast. "Come on, wake up! We’re going to be late to hear our scores for our tests during breakfast!" Krystabel shouted excitedly.

Kathryn and Belinda nodded and prepared for breakfast. They all ran to the cafeteria and ate their breakfasts of pancake with maple syrup. They all stopped eating when Ms. Christina started announcing the scores. "The highest score is A+ and only 4 students managed to get it. The 4 students are Kathryn Silverwood, Belinda spade, Nouri Katani and Natalie Mayflower! The rest of the students got A and B+! Let’s give a round clap of applause for everyone! Ms. Christina announced.

There was a round of applause from the students. Victoria turned green with envy and kept on sending Kathryn angry glares. But, Kathryn didn’t care. She passed which means she will be going to the next level of sorcerer education. Kathryn was so excited with Belinda. During breakfast, Ms. Christina told Victoria, Kathryn and Belinda to come see her in the office. Victoria, Kathryn and Belinda went to Ms. Christina’s office. Once they all settled in already, Ms. Christina said: "I have found the thief who stole the ingredient from Ms. Virtuana’s personal cabinet! Victoria, is it true that you accused Kathryn and Belinda?"

Victoria gulped and answered: "Yes, I did!"

"Well, it turns out that you were the one that stole the ingredients, Victoria! I found out using the clue spell from Belinda!" Ms. Christina announced.

"I’m sorry, Ms. Christina! I didn’t mean to do it! I thought that it was just a harmless prank!" Victoria lied.

"Well, it is not a harmless prank anymore when you broke the school rules and steal things. Anyway, I think you learned your lesson already. I want you to shake hands with Kathryn and Belinda. You all may go back after that. I hope that you won’t do those things again!" Ms. Christina said. Victoria glared at Kathryn and nodded sweetly at Ms. Christina. Victoria came closer to Kathryn and Belinda and shook their hands quickly. Then, she left. Ms. Christina thanked Belinda and Kathryn for their advice on using the clue spell and apologized for listening to Belinda and accusing them. Kathryn and Belinda left after that. They both can’t wait for another adventure they will have at Sorcerer School.

The End
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