Kathryn Silverwood - Part 2: A True Friend

23 Maret 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

Kathryn left Ms. Christina’s room, feeling a little nervous and excited. She was nervous that the new classmates wouldn’t like her or that she would make a big mess in class. However, a part of her heart felt that she belonged here. Kathryn walked to a nearby talking statue which is the school’s informant. Ms. Christina had told her to ask the nearest statue if she needed something.

Kathryn asked the statue in a mannered way: "Excuse me, could you tell me where Belinda is right now?"

"Sure! Belinda is at the cafeteria right now. To get there, you just need to walk straight along this corridor and enter the first door that you see in the left." The statue explained.

Kathryn thanked the statue and did exactly what it said. Kathryn thought that the cafeteria was probably messy with food stains all over the place, but she was wrong. When Kathryn opened the cafeteria door, she gasped. It was so neat and tidy. The cafeteria sold world wide adored foods such as sushi and chocolate milkshakes. The trays to put the food were stacked neatly in a nearby table. The tables and chairs were tidily arranged. The cafeteria even had chandeliers hanging in the ceiling. It looked more like a hotel’s dining area than a school’s cafeteria. In a table near the vendor’s stall, Belinda was sitting down and slowly munching a tuna sandwich. Kathryn walked to Belinda’s table and asked her: "Belinda, why did you leave me alone?"

Belinda looked at Kathryn with a guilty look in her face: "Well, sorry! I didn’t mean to leave you alone. I felt hungry and you were so long in Ms. Christina’s office so I thought that it wouldn’t hurt just to eat for a while in the canteen."

"Okay, I forgive you!" Kathryn said in a gentle voice.

After Belinda finished her tuna sandwich, she gave Kathryn a tour around the school. Belinda took Kathryn to a beautiful garden. The garden had whitepainted fences all over it. Inside the garden, there were different flowers. One flower caught Kathryn’s attention. It was a rainbow flower that changes its color every 1 minute.

"This is the magic garden! There are about 1000 types of magic flowers here. Each flower has its different uses. My personal favorite is the heart of ruby flower. It is made out of rubies and it is shaped like a heart." Belinda explained.

"Belinda, what is that flower?" Kathryn asked.

"Oh, it’s usually called the rainbow flower. Anyway, here is the sport room," Belinda said while pointing to a small door. "And my favorite room is the art room because the magic paint in the art room can turn the object in your painting into a real one. Then, this is the dark magic lab. All students who study dark magic go to the dark magic lab. If you move to the north and west corridors, you can see the classrooms. The second floor is the student’s dorm and the third floor is the teacher’s headquarters."

After giving more tours to Kathryn, Belinda explained that they usually begin class at 8 a.m. but since today is the first day of class, they only need to attend dinner at 6 p.m. and listen to Ms. Christina’s big announcement.

At dinner time, Kathryn and Belinda sat together. Kathryn was surprised to see a buffet full of different kind of food in front of her which is very different than her usual home dinner, mashed potato and chicken sausage. There were roasted chickens, tenderloin beef, tamago sushi and desserts, lots of them. Kathryn stuffed her mouth with tenderloin beef and tamago sushi.

When all the students finished eating their dinner, Ms. Christina began her speech. Ms. Christina said: "Welcome students to sorcerer school! In this school, you will be learning how to be a proper and welleducated sorcerer. There are two new students here which are Kathryn Silverwood and Victoria Primrose. Victoria will be in room 245 and Kathryn will be in room 244. I expect the other students to treat them well."

"Is Ms. Christina the teacher in charge of speeches?" Kathryn whispered, leaning towards Belinda. Belinda looked at her and nodded.

After dinner was over, Belinda and another student called Krystabel Green approached Kathryn. Then, Belinda explained that Kathryn will be their roommate in room 244.

As Kathryn arrived in room 244, she gasped. The wall was painted in purple and there were vines full of real flowers and leaves all over the wall. It was magically beautiful. There were 3 beds in the corner, side by side. The beds were floating on air. In the opposite direction of the bed, there were three wardrobes. A big wooden table was filled with books. Kathryn began unzipping her luggage but Belinda stopped her. Belinda

told Kathryn to move backwards and Belinda used her wand to neatly put the clothes in Kathryn’s wardrobe. Kathryn was amazed.

"How did you do it?" Kathryn asked.

"Easy, all you have to do is picture the thing that you want your wand to do in your mind. Then, simply turn your wand and the magic will work." Belinda tutored Kathryn. Kathryn nodded and closed her eyes. She waved her wand and her wardrobe door closed. Kathryn gasped and laughed.

That night, Kathryn received a call from her cell phone. She grabbed her cell phone in the table beside her and answered it, still half awake. It was from an ice skating competition company. The company told Kathryn that she was chosen as one of the contestants. Kathryn was so excited. She had always wanted to be a professional ice skater. And now was her chance. Kathryn agreed and went back to sleep.

The next day, Belinda woke Kathryn up 7 a.m. for class. "What’s going on?" Kathryn asked.

"Come on! Let’s get ready for breakfast!" Belinda and Krystabel shouted in unison. Kathryn nodded and woke up. Kathryn waved her wand that made her hair tied into a neat bun and prepared for breakfast.

After eating a breakfast of bacon and mashed potato, Kathryn went to class. Today’s schedule was studying dark magic, Wizard History, Cauldron mixing and sorcerer gardening. During dark magic lesson in the dark science lab, the teacher which was Ms. Virtuana gave them a surprise quiz. They were tested in how to make an antidote for an itching spell. Kathryn did everything correctly so she got an A. Then,

Kathryn studied wizard history with Ms. Cecilia, a tall blondehaired sorcerer. Most of the students fell asleep during the lesson and suffered in quiz time. Only Kathryn and Belinda were paying attention. After wizard history class, Kathryn went to cauldron mixing lesson. Kathryn was partnered with Victoria. Kathryn was really good at it that she got a gold star. Victoria became so jealous with Kathryn and kept on ignoring her. At the next lesson which is sorcerer gardening, Kathryn really enjoyed herself even if there was a little soil in her cheeks. After the end of class, Belinda reminded Kathryn that she needed to wear a blue dress and a pair of white shoes for the Sorcerer Festival on 24 June. Kathryn was surprised. The ice skating competition day was the same day as the Sorcerer Festival.

"Belinda, I can’t go to the sorcerer festival." Kathryn explained.

Belinda stopped talking and asked: "But why?"

"I have an ice skating competition to attend and it’s the same day as the sorcerer festival." Kathryn told Belinda.

"Maybe there is way," Belinda began, "A few days ago, I read a book called Magic Artifacts. The book tells about rare artifacts that belong to sorcerers all over the world. There was one artifact that can transport you to places. I thought that if we could get that artifact, you could go to the sorcerer festival and use the artifact to transport yourself to the ice skating competition and back again."

"But how are we supposed to get it?" Kathryn asked.

"Simple. That artifact is in the school storage room. Only senior students could get in. We could ask Caroline, my sister, she’s a senior, to get it but she would definitely want something in return." Belinda

explained. Kathryn agreed that they would ask Caroline during dinnertime.

After dinner of Black Sorcerer soup (a traditional food for sorcerers), Kathryn and Belinda approached Caroline. Caroline had strawberry blonde hair and wore a beautiful butterflyshaped hairpin. Caroline looked at them and asked: "What do you want?"

"We need your help." Belinda talked confidently.

"I see. But you know that I want something in return." Caroline replied.

"If I give you my bracelet, will you help us?" Kathryn bargained. Caroline looked at Kathryn and nodded.

That night, Kathryn, Belinda and Caroline gathered in front of the storage room. Belinda explained all that Caroline needed to do is to get an artifact in a black leather box and give it to Kathryn. Caroline nodded and entered the storage room. She turned to the left and disappeared. Seconds later, Caroline appeared with the black leather box. Caroline gave the box to Kathryn and got the bracelet in return. Kathryn and Belinda opened the box as soon as they got back to their room. There was a pair of white leather boots inside the box.

"The artifact is a pair of white leather boot?" Kathryn asked Belinda in disbelief.

"Yes, indeed!" Belinda answered.

"Belinda, what am I going to do with this boots? I thought that it was some kind of precious object or something else." Kathryn said out loud.

"Listen. All you have to do is bring the boots with you to the sorcerer festival and when it’s time for the ice skating competition, you just wear the boots, say where you want to go and you’ll be there." Belinda replied. Kathryn looked at Belinda and nodded.

The next day, all the students wore a blue dress and white shoes. The students waited in the school parking lot for the bus to take them to the sorcerer festival. Kathryn had packed her outfit for the ice skating competition and the white leather boots. They rode the bus until they arrived at a place called Magic Mountain. The teachers explained that this place was usually very desolate until sorcerers found this place and used it as a sorcerer festival area. The area was decorated with banners, food stands and stalls. The teachers gave them coupons to exchange with souvenirs in the stalls and stands.

It was 12. 55 already so Kathryn decided to go already to the ice skating competition because it started at 1 o’clock. Kathryn said goodbye to Belinda and hid behind a hot dog stand. When nobody was looking, Kathryn wore the white leather boots and transported herself to the location of the ice skating competition. When Kathryn arrived, she quickly changed her outfit and prepared to perform. As soon as Kathryn’s name was called out, Kathryn entered the arena. There were lots of spectators and the heat of the spotlight made her panic. Kathryn took a deep breath and began her performance. At first, Kathryn made the spectators cheer louder by twirling in the ice. Then, Kathryn skated around the arena gracefully. During her last move, she skated towards the middle of the arena quickly, jumped high while twirling and landed softly. Kathryn bowed and the spectators went wild. They were cheering her name. During the discussion of the judges, Kathryn quietly transported herself back to the sorcerer festival. Kathryn managed to get popcorn and ate it. Just as

Kathryn was about to transport herself to the location of the ice skating competition again, Victoria approached her. Victoria said that she needed help finding her purse. Kathryn tried to reason with her but it was no use.

Meanwhile at the ice skating competition, the judges are announcing the winners already. Kathryn was called last which meant that she was 1st place. Kathryn name was already called once and if Kathryn didn’t appear to get the trophy before the third call, the trophy would go to someone else. Luckily, Belinda heard that Kathryn was in trouble and told Victoria that she could help find Victoria’s purse. Victoria let Kathryn go and Kathryn transported herself to the ice skating competition. At Kathryn’s third call, Kathryn appeared and took the trophy. Kathryn had a few photos with the judges and went back to the sorcerer festival.

As soon as Kathryn arrived at the school, she returned the white leather boots in the black leather box quietly with a little help from Belinda and Caroline.

That night, Kathryn said to Belinda: "Thank you for supporting me! You really are a true friend!"

Belinda just smiled at Kathryn and replied: "That’s what friends are for!"

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