Kathryn Silverwood - Part 1: The Truth

16 Maret 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

It was a rainy day as Kathryn gazed at the little raindrops pouring from thesky. It had been too much for her. Too many things had happened unexplainably. She had passed detention today at Rose Academy because of something that wasn’t her fault at all. It started during break time when she was eating her sandwich when Tobias, a student that had brown hair messy uniform also the school bully started teasing her. And everyone knows that Kathryn can resist anything except being teased. She started sobbing slowly, covering her face with her lunch box.

She wished that a tray of carrot stew (which was being served at the Academy’s canteen today) would be tossed high up in the air and land on Tobias’s head. Kathryn knew that this was silly, but she tried pointing at the tray of carrot stew to make it move. Surprisingly, the tray of carrot stew slowly rose up to the air and darted to Tobias, dropping the carrot stew to his head. Tobias was mad and threw his lunch (a plate of noodles) to Kathryn, but she ducked just right on time to avoid the noodles, however, the plate of noodles, hit another students head. Soon, there was a food fight at the canteen. Kathryn quietly ducked under a table and hid there.

The principal, who was in his office heard about this food fight, rushed to the canteen to stop it. "Stop it, this instance!"The principal’s voice thundered. As soon as the principal shouted, the students stopped, each covered with food. "Who started it first?" The principal asked. No one answered except Tobias. "Kathryn did it first, Sir!" said Tobias. As soon as Tobias said that, the students started to murmur in agreement. "Kathryn, where are you?" screamed the Principal. Kathryn slowly went out of the table and replied terrified: "Here I am, Sir!" After that, the principal gave Kathryn a 2 hour detention in the detention room as well as a stack of extra homework to do. That incident had been repeating in her head for hours. Soon, she heard her mom calling her to godown to meet someone at the living room.

Kathryn sighed and went downstairs.When she arrived downstairs, she met a lady with a black hood covering her head. She greeted Kathryn and told Kathryn’s mom that she wanted to offer Kathryn a scholarship for a summer school camp. Kathryn wanted to protest but her mother already agreed that she could leave tomorrow morning for the Summer School Camp. Kathryn started packing. She brought her clothes, some snacks and her sapphire necklace given by her grandma. The next day, Kathryn was picked up by a yellow school bus. Kathryn said good bye to her mother and went inside the school bus. She saw students in there sitting down too. She sat beside a female student about the same age as her since there was no seat left in the bus.

The female student started to introduce herself to Kathryn: "Hi! My name is Belinda Spade!""Hi, Belinda! Well, my name is Kathryn! It’s a pleasure to meet you!"Kathryn said. Soon, the bus stopped and Kathryn went down. She had arrived at a very old looking mansion. "Welcome to Sorcerer Academy!" an odd looking statue at the front door said."What’s going on, Miss?" Kathryn asked to a thin teacher wearing a black dress with strands of pearls on her neck."My name’s Ms. Virtuana and you’re at a sorcerer school!" The teacher replied. "But, a teacher came to me the other day and told me that this was a summer school camp!" Kathryn exclaimed."Belinda, bring this girl to Ms. Christina! She’ll know what to do with this girl!" Miss Virtuana ordered. Belinda nodded and brought Kathryn to Ms. Christina’s office.

When Kathryn went inside Ms. Christina’s office, she saw Ms. Christina waving her wand in the air making books fly in the air. "Ms. Christina, can you explain to me what am I doing at a Sorcerer school? I do not even know any magic" Ms. Christina examined her for a while and replied: "Kathryn, it’s because your grandmother was a sorcerer and you have sorcerer blood! So, you are a sorcerer!""What?" Kathryn screamed in amazement. This was the opposite of how she wanted her day to go.

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(Penulis saat ini bersekolah di SIS Kebun Jeruk, Grade 6)