Jack The Ugly Cat

17 Februari 2017 Pojok Cerita   |    Tristan Radinka Akbar

Once there was a wild cat on the streets. His name was jack. He was a poor cat who was ugly and needed someone to take care of him.

Then Jack the cat saw a police station. He went in it. Then a police officer noticed him and said "aww what a little cat! Yet ugly" said the officer. The police officer sent Jack to a Lab.

Jack was nervous of what was going to happen now. The first thing he saw at the lab was a scientist with crazy hair. The scientist put him on a memory reader machine. It can even read the past! So the scientist read jack’s mind.

When Jack was a kitty, he was a handsome kitty. Then some pack of dogs attacked. Jack’s parents sacrificed themselves to protect jack. They killed themselves while Jack runs away. Then some dogs scratched Jack and turned him ugly. The dogs were poisonous.

Then the scientist stopped using the machine and said "What a poor kitty, I will protect you forever". The scientist looked at the scratch mark. He tried to find a cure to un-uglify Jack.

Then finally the scientist found a cure! It was found by combining dog blood and Jack’s spit. He put the cure on Jack’s hand and cured him.

The End

Note: This is not a true story

(Penulis saat ini bersekolah di Bletchely Park Primary School, Perth, West Australia, Usia 10 Tahun)