How Zoos Started

16 Februari 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Tristan Radinka Akbar

Once there was an explosion in the water. The explosion was so big that it was bigger than a nuke explosion. But this explosion was different. When it exploded instead of destroying it created something. It created an island full of unique animals. And there were even animals in there that were thought to be extinct.

There were even dinosaurs in the island! The animals all lived peacefully. But it was not so peaceful at all The humans attacked the animals in the island, the humans carried deadly weapons such as guns to kill them. Many were killed but some survived.

Only 10 animals survived. There were used to be 1000 animals in the island but it dropped down to 10.
the surviving animals quickly made wooden boat made of logs. The monkeys were the smarter ones so they were the one who made it.

They quickly rowed the boats with their hands and got away. They spent years trying to find a new island. Then they found a human city and got there. They were a bit of troublemakers when they got there.
they messed the whole city up and ate everything they could find.
the monkeys also stole a lot of gold and jewels.

The animals were happy that they lived there but it was chaos for the citizens. The animals were even on the news! Then one man found an idea of how to capture the animals.
The man’s plan was to put them in a bag and send them to a place to store them. The man decided to call the place a zoo. THIS IS HOW ZOOS STARTED.

The End

Note: This is not a true story

(Penulis saat ini bersekolah di Bletchely Park Primary School, Perth, West Australia - Usia 10 Tahun)