Beware at The Night

23 Oktober 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

Don’t you dare go out at night,
Just tuck yourselves under the bed covers tight,
When you catch a glimpse of a figure in the moon’s light,
Be careful it might be a zombie waiting to make you tremble with fright,

When you hear someone whisper your name,
Ignore and just think of happy thoughts and a funny game,
Because it’s might be the headless horseman and his steed that have came,
Now close your eyes or your life will never be the same,

If they’re hiding under your bed,
Or if the curtains sway and dance,
It might be a gruesome undead,
Just run to your parent’s room at any chance,

When the wind howls ever so slightly,
Or if the closet door creaks a bit,
Do not take this matter lightly,
As when a poltergeist bothers you they never quit,

Witches, ghosts and banshees too,
Think what chills that they might send,
All creatures whether it’s black or blue,
They’re a terror from the start to the end!