A Winter Wonderland

9 Oktober 2015 Pojok Cerita   |    Vania Cheryl Antono

Through the glass window,
If you look outside,
You’ll find a magical world waiting for you,
So open your eyes wide,

Wonder why the white dots fall,
Pitter-patter from the majestic blue sky,
And how snow decorates the trees big and small,
As snowy owls flew by,

Gracefully twirling as it falls all day,
The snowflakes seems to turn and sway,
Brought by the wind to play,
Dropping at children’s noses as it melts away,

You’ll see wonderful creatures,
Like the arctic foxes and milky white deers,
Each has its own unique features,
Using them to stand strong and face fears,

The echoes of laughter is what you’ll hear,
See the glint of mischief from people’s eyes,
As people grin from ear to ear,
Eating home-made apple pies,

You’ll realize that this is a hidden winter land,
A wonder to behold,
Compared to the desserts and beaches with sand,
And worth more than all of the gems and gold,

Because it’s a joyful event for all ages,
Where people have fun by sleighing,
While riding colorful carriages,
Drawn by magnificent horses neighing,

So if you’re lucky enough,
You’ll find it somewhere,
Searching for it will be tough,
But it’s worth it once you get there,