Premium Rush

Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) yang bertugas sebagai kurir sepeda, menerima sebuah amplop dari seorang perempuan yang mengatakan bahwa dia mempunyai 90 menit untuk mengantarkan amplop itu ke sebuah alamat di Chinatown. Namun permasalahan muncul saat polisi muncul dan meminta amplop tersebut ditahan. Saat Wilee akhirnya mengetahui isi amplop tersebut, dia pun harus berlari mengejar waktu di tengah kemacetan New York untuk mengantarkan amplop itu sampai ke tujuan.

A New York bike messenger, Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), is given an envelope by a young woman at an uptown Manhattan college and is told he has 90 minutes to deliver it to an address in Chinatown. Complications ensue when an undercover police office appears and demands the envelope on special grounds. The truth, hidden motivations, and the life-and-death stakes on all sides are revealed as Wilee is racing against time after he discovers the precious nature of the envelope's slender contents.

"You're looking for depth and profundity, this is the wrong movie. But under the direction of David Koepp ("Secret Window," the screenplays for "Mission: Impossible" and "Spider-Man"), this is an expert and spellbinding adventure" -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"The actors click into high gear, and Premium Rush delivers" -New York Daily News

"The action is inventive, extensive and exciting, a bang-up job by cinematographer Mitchell Amundsen, one of the town's hot new shooters" -Los Angeles Times
Directed by: David Koepp
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Jamie Chung, Aaron Tveit, Dania Ramirez
Duration: 91 min