Presmun 2016

13 September 2016 2016

Good day, Delegates!

Introducing the grand theme of PresMUN 2016:

"Enhancing World's Stability and International Security by Eradicating Global Threats"

We open 6 Chambers of Committees:



1. Countering the Potential Threat of Biological Warfare and Bioterrorism

2. Cyber Warfare: Combating the Virtual Threat and National Security



1. The Oil and Natural Gas Crisis and Its Impact to the Global Economy

2. Minimizing Land Exploitation and Sustaining Development



North Korean Weapon of Mass Destruction Activities



The Ukrainian Crisis

Crisis Committee


Red Planet Odyssey: The Survival of Mankind

Press Corps

A new council that will bring a fresh breeze to the flow of President Model United Nations experience. This council will attract new delegates who are interested in journalism, editorial, and article making. Press delegates will move from one chamber to another to listen, compose, interview, and produce an article also reporting what is actually happening in each council’s chamber. They will represent international news media such as BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, Sky News, African Daily, and other news media all around the world. They will be responsible for the publishment of daily news letter of council’s progress to President Model United Nations website.

September 14th - 17th 2016at Hotel Sahid Jaya Lippo Cikarang

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Futher information, kindly ask to contact person below:

Echa Primadini (085382927078/elprimadini (line)

Gabriela Rachel (087889073995/gabzrachel(line))

Muhammad Haekal Umri (081283282387/haekalkun(line))

PresMUN 2016

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