Architecture Fair 2016 The World without Us

18 Januari 2016 2016

AFAIR is anannual open house event held by Architecture Student Counciland Department of Architecture, Universitas Indonesia as a chance to present the students ’competency in creating something as a respond to an issue which will be transformed into a form of architectural communication to the society, academicians, and professional. This 6th AFAIR is a part of Golden Anniversary of Department of Architecture Engineering Faculty Universitas Indonesia big architectural event, consist of public installation display, lecture, workshop, competition, and exhibition as a series of AFAIR event.

Without knowing it, architecture has always been inseparable from human lives. Every single time we do survival, we do architecture. Unfortunately, not everyone understand the real meaning of architecture, therefore the existence of architecture as something that should be sensible, has turned to be something insensible. Also, instead of improving human lives, the act of doing architecture now destroys.

Through AFAIR 2016, Department of Architecture UI wants to show the crucial role of an ‘architect’ (Us) in harmonizing the human needs with the limited natural resources, and to persuade the society to understand how architecture should support the sustainability of human lives.


a. Exhibition Content
AFAIR UI 2016 exhibits the best works of the students of Architecture and Interior Architecture UI that have the superiority in harmonizing ideas, human needs, and its environments. These works will give the real picture of architecture to society and will be visualized in the form of exhibition design.

b. Exhibition Design
We see that exhibitions now have lost their meanings to the point where we can no longer sense the actual purpose of the exhibitions. We want to bring back the real meaning of exhibition with a unique way. Besides displays, mock-­ups, installations, and various visualizations, we will present the content through an exhibition concept that supports the grand theme of AFAIR UI 2016, which is by overcoming the insensibility problem with the insensibility itself.

c. Competition
AFAIR UI 2016 Design Competition participated by worldwide university students. The theme is "How to Think Like A Spaceman with Limited Supply" to challenge the participants to create a conscious architecture design with all the understanding and its impact to the environments. This very exciting competition will urge the participants to create a concept design as a solution to face ‘The World of The Day’ with limited supply (site, material, resources) as its constraints, sensible of the situation and overcome it by evoking our senses from the insensible circumstances.

Competition Timeline
Online Registration: 19 August 2015 - 20 November 2015
Sharing and Tech-­meet: 19 September 2015
Design Proposal Deadline: 19 October 2015 - 20 November 2015
First Round Judgement: 23 November 2015 - 18 December 2015
Top 5 Announcement: 8 January 2016
Final Judgement & Presentation: Main event AFAIR 2016

Antony Liu
Mohammad Nanda Widyarta
Eko Prawoto


a. Roadshow
Activity: Public Installation Display
Time: September 6th, 2015 and January 10th, 2016
Place: Bundaran HI (Car Free Day) / Kota Tua Jakarta

b. Pre Event
Activity: Lecture and WorkshopSpeakers: Architecture Academician, and Professional architect
Time: September 26th 2015
Place: Auditorium K.301 Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia

c. Competition
Activity: "How to Think Like A Spaceman with Limited Supply" design competition
Time: 19th August 2015 - Main Event

d. Main Event
Activity: Exhibition, Talk show, and Competition Finalist Presentation.
Time: January 27th-­31st 2016
Place: Grand Indonesia Mall Sudirman, Central Jakarta / National Gallery Jakarta*

*to be confirmed

For more information contact
Amanda Larissa (Director of Public Relations)

Instagram: afairui
Twitter: @afairui
LINE Account: @afairui